Miami-Dade Transit Bus Crash Injures Eight

Miami, FL- A crash between an SUV and Miami-Dade transits bus sent eight people to the hospital earlier this week.

Miami-Dade Transit Crash Injures Eight

The accident occurred on Monday around 5:30 p.m. near Northwest 79th Street and 8th Avenue when an SUV slammed into the rear of a Miami-Dade Transit bus. There were 38 passengers on the bus.

Four passengers in the SUV, including a child, were injured and transported to area hospitals, according to the Sun-Sentinel. The online digest also reports that that eight people on the bus were injured; four were taken to the hospital for treatment. The bus driver was not injured.

The cause of the crash is unclear NBC reports.

Bus Crash Risks

Bus crashes don’t occur as frequently as car accidents, but they typically result in multiple injuries like the crash discussed above. Thousands are injured in school bus, transit bus and tour bus crashes every year in the U.S. Below are some of the primary causes of bus accidents in

Driver error- Driver error is a broad category that includes behaviors like texting and driving, speeding or impaired driving. It also includes fatigued or drowsy driving, which is common for tour buses.

Mechanical failure-If a bus has failing brakes or is a state of disrepair, it cannot operate safely.

Speeding- Bus drivers are just as prone to speeding as a car driver especially if they are on a highway or interstate.

Bus Crash Claims Against a Transit Company

School buses and transit buses operate under the authority of a municipal or county government, so victims of these crashes will face off with the government to recover economic and emotional damages. If you need to file a claim against a government entity, we recommend you contact a bus accident attorney to get a clear understanding of requirements you must meet and the challenges you face.

If you want need to recover compensation from a municipal or county government, your claim must be filed with a civil court within three years of your injury. If you are filing a wrongful death claim, your claim must be filed within two years of the date of the injury. The burden of proof is high with any personal injury claims but you may have a higher standard to meet if you are suing the government.

When you are filing legal action against a government entity, you need to have legal representation. You will be facing off with a formidable legal team, so need someone who can match their expertise. Our bus accident attorneys are equally formidable and will diligently work on your accident claim. We can connect you a lawyer in your area. You can set up a consultation; your first one is free.