Mesa, AZ – Valley Metro Welcomes New CEO Jessica Mefford-Miller

It’s a time of change and potential growth for Valley Metro, the regional public transportation agency for the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. They have recently announced the selection of Jessica Mefford-Miller as their new CEO, a development that holds promise for Valley Metro and its passengers.

Who is Jessica Mefford-Miller?

Jessica Mefford-Miller is an experienced leader in public transportation, with an impressive career spanning over 20 years. She has a strong history of serving communities by focusing on customer service, data-driven decision-making, and innovative approaches to solving complex transportation issues.

Mefford-Miller’s previous role was as the Executive Director of Metro Transit in St. Louis, where she led the operations of one of the largest multimodal transit systems in the country. Her demonstrated dedication to public transit and leadership expertise make her a strong choice for the helm of Valley Metro.

The Future of Valley Metro under Mefford-Miller’s Leadership

Valley Metro will surely see many changes and improvements under Mefford-Miller’s leadership. Her commitment to utilizing data for decision-making and her focus on customer service will likely result in an enhanced rider experience. Passengers can look forward to improved services, possible expansion, and heightened safety measures.

A Focus on Safety

One key aspect of public transportation that is often at the forefront of discussion is safety. While Valley Metro has a solid safety record, there’s always room for improvement. It is likely that under Mefford-Miller’s leadership, an even greater emphasis will be placed on ensuring the safety of passengers and drivers alike.

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