Mass injuries in Las Vegas Bus Accidents

Las Vegas, Nevada is a city known for non-stop casino gambling, world class entertainment, and parties that attract tourists from all over the world. However, the fact that large amounts of people constantly travel in and out of the city also causes numerous transportation issues. Collisions involving buses are common occurrences, especially when there are thousands of people relying on mass transportation to get them around. Because of crowding on buses, some of these accidents result in serious injuries to several people.

Traveling Cheer Squad from Edmonton injured by Crash in Las Vegas

Recently, four automobiles including one bus were involved in an accident that resulted in five women being hospitalized. The bus was on a short ride heading to the hotel where the team was staying for a national cheerleading championship event. One witness involved in the incident said it seemed like they had just left the airport when the crash occurred. A runaway rental car had crashed into multiple vehicles before the police could stop it. One Nevada Highway Patrol officer made a statement that the large amount of commercial vehicles that frequent the area make it more likely that crashes will happen. The severity of the crashes also tends to increase with larger vehicles. One woman from the cheer squad who was hospitalized required treatment for a concussion, stitches, and ended up with a broken tooth.

Accidents and Resulting Injuries

Stories such as this happen all the time on the busy roadways of tourist cities like Las Vegas. Injuries like the ones described in this crash can cause people to miss work, have large medical bills, or even develop long-term trauma that requires continued treatment. Bus accidents can also be deadly and cause great emotional and financial losses to families. Contacting a lawyer is the best way to receive financial help to pay for injuries and losses after a crash. Also keep in mind that severe injuries are more likely to require larger amounts of compensation to victims.

How Lawsuits against Drivers Work

A lawyer can file a suit on your behalf against a bus driver and the transportation company to recover damages. Liability comes from the fact that bus drivers may be careless, lack proper training, not follow appropriate procedures, or make mistakes while they are driving. Drivers may also be overtired or impaired by drugs or alcohol at certain times while they are working, which is obviously inappropriate. Evidence of any of these improper actions can be used to help determine that the driver of the bus and their employer is at fault.

Nevada Laws regarding Accidents

Bus accidents in Las Vegas are covered by a few specific Nevada state laws. There is a statute of limitations of two years to file a lawsuit in the state for injuries to a person. This means that if you have recently been involved in an accident, it is better to begin the process by contacting an attorney now rather than waiting. After the two year time limit has passed, the lawsuit is generally not allowed, and there will be no opportunity to collect money from the driver or their employer. The statute of limitations in cases involving death also begins to run from the time the person dies. The state of Nevada uses a doctrine called comparative negligence to determine the level of fault and damages in an accident. This generally means that the defendant’s level of fault corresponds to the level of damages they will be required to pay the plaintiff. However, in cases where the plaintiff’s level of fault is also high it may bar the claim entirely. The specifics of the comparative negligence law and how it applies relative to your case can be discussed in more depth with your lawyer.

Contact a Lawyer near Las Vegas Today

If any of these laws sound confusing, an attorney with expertise in bus accidents who is licensed in the state of Nevada can speak with you about your concerns. Their experience in dealing with these specific cases will help inform you and get the largest award possible from your lawsuit.