Likely reasons for most bus crashes in Modeste

Modeste, LA – People who entrust their safety to a bus driver are always taking somewhat of a risk. It is definitely possible for the driver to make some kind of mistake and cause injuries to passengers and other parties. When the bus driver is considered to be at fault, their employer can be sued for their actions and the victims can receive compensation for medical treatment and other costs. 

Training and experience issues

Bus drivers and other commercial drivers need to receive extensive training. This is necessary to receive their commercial license, but they should also receive additional training throughout the course of their career at the employer’s direction. A bus driver who has not been trained properly, is new to their route, or does not have much experience with commercial driving at all is more likely to have an accident while working.  

Distractions in the bus

A bus driver has to deal with a number of distractions while they are working. There are often questions from passengers, issues with making sure passengers pay the fare, and the driver is also subject to distractions from phones and other items just like anyone else in their vehicle. This is a serious problem because distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of accidents throughout the entire United States since smartphone use has become widespread. 

Traffic violations

No driver is perfect, even those who are held to a higher standard because they are operating a commercial vehicle. The driver of a bus can make mistakes by speeding, going through red lights or stop signs, making illegal lane changes, or committing other traffic violations. While these actions can result in traffic citations, it is possible that the driver will cause a collision before they are stopped for the infraction. 

Substance abuse issues

Driving after using drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous when done by anyone. However, this is an even bigger problem if a commercial driver is responsible for the transportation and safety of many others while they are working and operating their vehicle. A bus driver who was found to have been drunk when they caused a crash will likely face civil lawsuits, criminal penalties, and lose their job. 

Bus accident attorneys are available in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that focuses on accident lawsuits in the area of Modeste and other parts of Louisiana. Anyone who wants to meet with a licensed attorney to discuss the process to receive compensation can schedule a consultation.

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