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Kentucky Bus Accident Attorneys

According to the Kentucky Department of Transportation, in 2015, 694 people were killed on public roads and another 23,803 were injured in motor vehicle crashes. In Kentucky’s bigger cities, individuals may use public transportation to get to school, work, or to other events. Lextran is the public transportation service that serves Lexington residents. While the public transportation system is generally safe, when accidents occur, victims may suffer costly injuries. Victims of bus accidents may have to miss time from work, or may suffer immense pain and suffering after a crash.

Has a bus accident left you unable to continue on with your normal day to day activities? Was your vehicle left totaled and you are now trying to recover the costs associated with the accident from the guilty party? If so, you have come to the right place. features some of the best bus accident attorneys within the state of Kentucky who work with clients like you on a constant basis.

Lextran and other local public transportation services are run by the government. This means, that they may be protected under the legal principle of sovereign immunity. Under sovereign immunity, the government cannot be sued without the government’s own consent. This can make it more challenging for ordinary citizens to pursue a lawsuit against the government. Under Kentucky law, all actions against the government must be brought before the Board of Claims within one year after the accident takes place. When pursuing a legal claim against the government, damages may be capped and individuals must follow government procedures as set forth under the law. It is important to seek a competent and qualified bus accident attorney who can help you pursue your claim in a timely manner. A bus accident attorney will understand the specific processes you must follow to file a successful claim under the law. can connect you with a bus accident attorney who can help you file a sovereign immunity claim.

Many stakeholders may be involved in an accident in Kentucky. The bus driver may be responsible, but in the case of a private or charter bus, the company, the bus owner, and other stakeholders may be held accountable under the law. Although it may seem unclear who is to be held liable for the damages incurred, rest assured, the bus accident lawyers featured on our site know what measures to take to help you seek the justice you may deserve and receive the compensation you may be entitled to under the law.

In order to find and retain a reputable Kentucky bus crash attorney, you may want to browse through our website at and find a lawyer close to you. We also offer the opportunity to gain some insight into the legal professionals featured on our site, their case histories, the fees associated with their services, and more. You can either contact the firm directly or fill out our convenient contact form. With our easy to navigate site, choosing which bus collision attorney to represent you can be the least of your worries.

Was a Bus Driver Negligent in Your Kentucky Accident?

According to the Kentucky government and department of motor vehicles, drivers who wish to operate a bus in Kentucky and transport passengers must meet specific requirements under the law. Not only must the bus driver demonstrate an ability to drive and operate a heavy vehicle, but individuals must pass a special skills test. Individuals may also be required to meet certain medical requirements in order to operate a bus. These additional requirements are essential because operating a bus may involve more complex maneuvers and equipment. Buses may require a wider turn radius, they may need more space to stop, and drivers must be able to operate equipment specific to a bus. However, bus drivers sometimes make mistakes. Drivers may not always abide by hours of service laws. They may take prescription medication that can impact their alertness. They may text and drive. Or they may simply make a mistake behind the wheel. If you or a loved one was injured in a bus accident in Kentucky, you may want to seek a qualified bus accident attorney who can help you with your case.

After an accident, there are many forms of damages for which you may be entitled to receive compensation, although many individuals struggle to gain them all. Some of these include:

In order to gain a favorable outcome and the compensation to cover all these areas of injury and loss, you may want to want to hire a bus accident law firm to handle your case. Visit today to learn more about lawyers local in Kentucky. You may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim.

Filing Your Bus Accident Claim in a Timely Manner

When going up against a government agency, (government agencies are generally in charge of running the public bus systems in the state of Kentucky), you must abide by their guidelines and time frames. This is where a Kentucky bus crash lawyer will truly benefit you. Whether you were riding on an Ashland Bus or other bus service, it is important you get your case handled and your claim filed within the allotted time frame to avoid losing out on your opportunity to gain the financial support you may need. We understand the hardship you may have experienced and want nothing more than to see you obtain a successful outcome for your case. Visit today to learn more.