Justice is Served to the Driver Who Killed a Virginia Mother of Three in a Fiery Bus Accident

It was a tragic bus accident that happened just two months back resulting in the death of a mother of three. Erin T. Kaplan, 39, her three children, and her mother were all traveling in North Virginia when their Audi was t-boned by a school bus which had been converted into a food truck. Dane’s Great American Hamburger food truck had run a stop sign, striking the station wagon the family was riding in, driving it into an embankment. When first responders arrived on scene, to their horror, the Audi was mangled and sitting underneath the bus. Firefighters used saws, jacks, and the “Jaws of Life” to pry open the vehicle, attempting to get each family member out safely, according to The Washington Post.


The Audi stood no chance up against the 10-ton bus.


While the firefighters worked diligently to extricate everyone from the vehicle, the mother of three was pronounced dead on scene. The woman’s mother and her teenage son were transported to Inova Fairfax Hospital where they were placed in intensive care. The two daughters who were involved were in stable condition.


Now, after a few weeks have passed since the fatal bus accident claimed the life of 39 –year-old Erin T. Kaplan, the bus driver, Tony Steven Dane, would not be reprieved of the consequences for running the stop sign. The Washington Post recently reported that Dane will be charged with involuntary manslaughter, reckless driving, driving without a license and insurance, and failure to have a vehicle inspected.


Dane had no comment after being indicted.



Justice for a Wrongful Death


While Faran Kaplan, husband to the deceased Erin Kaplan, stated that the charges “came as a relief,” they don’t change the outcome of the incident. This family, that was once complete, is now broken because of one simple mistake made by the driver of the bus. And while he may be required to serve time in jail, it won’t bring back the mother of these three children or the wife to this one man.



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