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Jackson is the capital and largest city of Mississippi, with a population estimated at around 170,000. A relatively small city in comparison to other state capitals, Jackson is still home to numerous bus accidents. Many of these collisions are caused by bus driver or bus company negligence and result in a lifetime of physical pain, mental anguish, and trauma for victims. Several of these incidents also culminate in fatalities.

Fortunately, bus accident victims have rights including the right to retain legal counsel to file a bus accident claim. That’s where we come in. is your source for finding and retaining a top bus accident attorney in Jackson, MS with the knowledge, experience, and drive to help you obtain the justice you deserve for your pain and suffering. Our site provides free, easy access to dozens of lawyers in your hometown, including access to individual attorney profiles so you can determine who your ideal legal counsel will be. Learn about each attorney’s background, case experience, successful verdicts and more. Once you decide who you would like to work with, simply give the lawyer a call directly or use our convenient contact form. It’s that simple.

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On the Fence About Contacting a Bus Accident Lawyer?

Here’s 10 Reasons You Should File a Bus Accident Claim

While every case is unique, the vast majority of bus crash claims are filed following a personal injury, property damage, or the loss of a loved one. If you’re on the fence about seeking legal counsel to bring a case in court, we’ve got a few reasons to help you get the ball rolling and contact a bus accident law firm. Below are 10 reasons why you should file a bus accident claim in Jackson, MS:

  1. Physical injuries
  2. Post-traumatic stress
  3. Wrongful death of a loved one
  4. Property damage
  5. Lost wages due to job postponement or unemployment as a result of the accident
  6. Expensive hospital bills
  7. Debt related to accident costs
  8. General bus driver and/or bus company negligence (speeding, failing to properly maintain vehicles in safe condition, )
  9. Eligibility for compensation for general pain and suffering
  10. Justice for yourself and your loved ones


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Were you aware that there is a statute of limitations in Jackson? The state imposes a restriction on the amount of time in which a victim has to bring a bus accident claim in court. Once that statute of limitations is reached, victims will no longer be able to file a case in court and will not be able to recover compensation.

If you or someone you love was hurt in a bus accident in Jackson, the time to act is now. Turn to a bus accident attorney in Jackson to schedule a free consultation and get started on your case today. You have rights as a bus crash victim, and it’s time those rights were upheld.