Icy Roadways Cause Two Separate School Bus Accidents to Occur in Massachusetts

A case of black ice has been deemed as the cause of a traumatic bus accident that occurred in Massachusetts recently. A cell phone video camera caught footage of the school bus that was traveling on a residential road around 7:30 a.m. carrying approximately 29 students. In the video, we can see the bus turning sideways and careening down the road, taking down a mailbox and then colliding with a parked vehicle. USA Today pointed out that the driver of the car was struggling to navigate his vehicle uphill with the slippery conditions and hopped out of his vehicle when he saw the bus coming towards him.

Fortunately, none of the students or staff sustained injuries, but as you can imagine, it probably was a rather scary experience for all those traveling on the bus. There had been some freezing rain earlier in the morning that coated the roadway with ice and according to School superintendent Theodore Friend, some of the back roads used by the buses were not yet treated prior to the vehicles being dispatched to pick up and drop off children. All other buses were held on standby until the roads were safe to drive on.


Just hours later, a second school bus was involved in an accident.


Around noon on the same day, another traumatic bus accident occurred in Massachusetts. Unlike the first accident that left all occupants on the bus uninjured, this second accident sent a preschooler, the bus driver, and the bus monitor to the hospital. The bus apparently crashed into a utility pole after the roads became too slippery to drive on. The bus monitor was “shaken up” according to The Millsburry-Sutton Chronicle and the children traveling on the bus were likely frightened as well.

With the roadways becoming more and more dangerous for Massachusetts residents to travel on, it is important that everyone take precautionary measures to help reduce their chances of engaging in an accident. The fact is, when roadways are coated with black ice, there isn’t much a driver can do once their automobile begins sliding. One thing to keep in mind when traveling on icy roadways it to never jerk your vehicle or attempt to turn it in the opposite direction. You want to make every effort to remain in control of your car, truck, or bus until you have passed over the slippery area.

As multiple crashes continue to be reported on, we also want to remind you that if you or your children are involved in a bus accident in Boston, MA that you consider reaching out to a bus crash attorney at your earliest convenience. Although the inclement weather has been accountable for causing many of these accidents recently, you may still be able to recover compensation from certain parties. The bus accident lawyers we can place you in touch with can inform you of the various parties that can be held liable and how much your injuries entitle you to collect.


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