How does a lawyer help someone who was injured by a bus in Knoxville?

Bus accidents can potentially cause problems for cars, trucks, and pedestrians, as well as traffic issues. A crash on I-40 in Knoxville involved both a bus and truck driving near the same exit. After a situation like this, a lawyer can file a claim to make sure the driver or company who owns the bus is made to pay for their mistakes.

Bus cuts across interstate lanes and collides with a pickup truck

After an investigation, police believe that the Knox County bus was about to take the Hall of Fame exit when it suddenly cut back into the traffic lanes of the highway. It came into contact with a pickup truck after making this maneuver. The truck was hit with enough force that it went into the median and over onto the other side of the highway. Both the drivers of the bus and truck were taken to a local hospital with injuries, but neither victim appeared to have life threatening wounds. Police said they are still unsure as to why the bus driver suddenly cut back into the highway from the exit lanes.

The bus involved in the accident was a school bus, but there were no children or other passengers on board at the time. The interior lanes of both sides of the interstate remained closed and backed up traffic for an extended period of time after the accident.

Lawsuits related to buses and other vehicles

Motor vehicle accidents and the lawsuits that come afterward are generally treated the same in all civil lawsuits regardless of whether buses, trucks, or standard cars were involved. The driver responsible normally has to pay out to cover injuries and property damage that result from their carelessness. This is the format of a civil negligence lawsuit that is commonly filed by attorneys who deal with personal injury, car accidents, and various other areas of tort law. Negligence is the legal term used to say that a driver or other person who caused an accident was not careful enough and their actions resulted in some kind of damage to people or property in the area.

What is the potential value of a bus accident?

Bus accident lawsuits are generally worth an amount relative to the amount of damage that was caused or the severity of a victim’s injuries. In other words, if a bus causes minor damage to your vehicle, the insurance process or any lawsuits that happen between these companies should pay out an amount that is sufficient to repair the damages. However, when victims require hospitalization or sustain serious injuries, they may be able to sue the responsible driver for things like medical bills, future lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering. It is always best to talk to a lawyer about the specifics of your accident to get an answer based on the particular facts surrounding the accident.

Get in touch with a local bus accident lawyer

For help with injuries or property damage caused by a bus driver in the Knoxville area, contact an attorney who specializes in these cases.