How do negligence laws apply to bus accidents in Oak Hills Place?

Oak Hills Place, LA – When a bus driver makes an error while operating their vehicle and causes an accident, they will likely be named as a defendant in a negligence lawsuit. Anyone who was harmed is given the option of filing negligence cases against the driver or their employer for compensation. A further explanation of these laws and related matters can be obtained from a local lawyer.

The negligence doctrine

Negligence is a type of legal doctrine that applies to most injury and accident cases. This is because the defendant’s actions do not need to be intentional. They merely need to have made some kind of mistake that resulted in harm to others. 

The negligence lawsuit will name the person or business responsible as a defendant, briefly explain what happened, and give legal arguments regarding fault. The person filing the case can then ask for relief in the form of various kinds of compensation. 

Comparative negligence laws in Louisiana

Negligence can be divided between multiple parties after a bus accident. This is because Louisiana laws utilize a system called comparative negligence. This means that all parties involved can be assigned a level of fault for the accident to equal one hundred percent. Any party that is partially at fault can still bring a lawsuit, but any compensation that they receive will be reduced by their portion of fault. Even a person who is mostly at fault for the crash can still try to bring a lawsuit, although it is unlikely that they would receive substantial compensation through a settlement. 

Damages in negligence lawsuits

One of the most important parts of the negligence case is the statement of damages. This is a summary of things like economic costs of medical bills along with lost income, as well as damages related to their pain and suffering for quality of life losses. In Louisiana, a plaintiff can also ask for punitive damages to punish a driver if there is evidence that they had consumed drugs or alcohol before the accident. 

Damages are not always easy to estimate, so bus accident victims should meet with a lawyer and explain their injuries and other relevant losses to get a more exact idea of the value of their case. 

Injury attorneys in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that works with bus accident victims who need legal advice in Oak Hills Place. Their attorneys are able to meet with anyone who has questions about filing a lawsuit. 

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