How Do I Sue a Bus Company in Denver, CO?

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If you suffered injuries in an accident that involved a public bus, you may be able to file a claim against the city if you are looking to recover compensation for your pain and suffering.

If you suffered an injury in a bus accident in Denver, CO, you must be able to (1) prove that the driver of the bus was negligent in some way which caused you to suffer injuries and (2) know which parties you can hold accountable for the accident. There are several different bus companies that operate in and through Denver, CO and depending on which company or entity is responsible for overseeing its operations will help determine who your lawsuit can be filed against.

Generally, a bus is either operated by a private company or the city. And because both are very different from one another and have their own set of rules and regulations they abide by, we are going to explain the steps you can take if you are looking to sue eitherone.


Suing a Private Bus Company in Denver


If the bus driver who caused you to suffer an injury was operating a private bus, then you would need to file your lawsuit either against the driver, the bus company, or both. Trying to determine this on your own can be pretty difficult to do so you are advised to speak with a Denver, CO bus accident lawyerbefore attempting to initiate the process alone. In most cases, you may be able to settle with the bus company before your case makes it to court, however, if the driver and/ or the company isn’t willing to accept the blame for their mistakes or behavior, then attending court may be required if you want to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible.


As we mentioned above, you will want to speak with a bus crash lawyer before making any decisions as they are the experts who can guide you and get you the money you are entitled to receive. Denver, CO bus accident attorney Andrew T. Brake has years’ worth of experience in representing personal injury victims and he would be more than happy to review your case and provide you with some helpful information and guidance.


Suing the City of Denver for an Accident Involving a Public Bus


Now, if the injuries you suffered were caused by a public bus driver such as an operator for the Regional Transportation District (RTD), then you may be able to bring your suit against the city itself. In order to successfully file your claim, you must follow these steps, and of course, consult with an attorney before doing so:


  1. You must write and file a Notice of Claim letter that complies with the provisions found in the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act. There are certain government entities that are protected from being sued but if you are able to prove negligence caused your accident, the city may not be immune from being sued by you. When writing your notice of claim, it must include the following information according to the City’s Attorney’s Office:
  • Your name and address along with your attorney’s name and address. It is also recommended that you provide a phone number and email address as well.
  • A clear and concise statement for why you are submitting your claim. You will want to include the date the accident occurred, the time, and the circumstances of the act, omission, or event for which serves as the basis of filing your claim.
  • The name and address of any public employee involved, if you have this information.
  • A statement that explains the nature and extent of the damages you are claiming that have been suffered.
  • A statement that highlights the amount of monetary damages being requested. You will want to include any copies of any bills for costs you have incurred or “at least two estimates relating to such damages.”


  1. You will need to mail or deliver your letter to the following address:


Mayor Michael B. Hancock
1437 Bannock Street, Room 350
Denver, CO 80202


  1. Once the Mayor’s Office receives your claim, they will forward it to the Denver City Attorney’s Office. You should receive a letter from this office providing you with a Mayor’s Referral Number for your claim and a contact phone number.


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