How Do I Know if a Bus Company is Safe and Qualified to Operate in the State of OH?

If you are planning on taking a trip, whether it is within the state of Ohio or outside of it, and you are considering booking your travels with a bus company, you will want to follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) “look before you book” safety tips to ensure the company you are entrusting practices safe driving no matter who is behind the wheel of one of their vehicles. Some things the FMCSA suggests you find out before booking with any one company include:

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When looking to book a trip with a bus company, consider following the steps the FMCSA recommends you take prior to choosing a company.

  • Is the bus is authorized to operate? If you are booking with a commercial bus company that travels outside the state of Ohio, they are required to have a U.S. Department of Transportation number and be authorized to operate by the FMCSA [Source: FMCSA]. You can search for a company’s safety history now by using FMCSA’s online search tool.


  • Is the bus regularly inspected, maintained, and repaired? You will want to choose a company that takes the time to properly inspect their vehicles to ensure they are in safe and working condition and that there aren’t any defects that could lead to an accident occurring.


  • Is the company known for hiring qualified, licensed drivers? The company you choose to book with should only be hiring drivers who are licensed and qualified to operate the vehicle and also have a good safety record. There are some companies that will hire bus drivers with past violations to operate their vehicles and while they may have learned from their mistakes, you probably don’t want these individuals behind the wheel of the vehicle you will be sitting in.


Once you have found a company that is well-rated and hasn’t received an unsatisfactory rating from the FMCSA, keep these safety tips in mind while on board the bus:


  • Upon entering and exiting the bus, be sure to use the handrails that are provided and watch your step as they tend to be rather high and you wouldn’t want to trip and fall.
  • In the event the driver has placed a step stool or platform outside the bus for you, “step on the center of the stool or platform to keep your balance.”
  • If the bus you are riding on comes equipped with seat belts, remember to fasten yours prior to taking off. Some buses that were manufactured before November 2016 are not required to have seat belts installed in them so if yours does not have one, don’t be alarmed.
  • When the bus is in motion, remember to stay seated.
  • Keep any personal belongings you have brought along with you in the overhead bin or under your seat to prevent them from blocking the walkway.
  • Should you need to get out of your seat for any reason while the bus is in motion, hold on to the back of the seats to help keep your balance.

[Source: FMCSA].


What should I do if the bus I was riding on was involved in an accident in Ohio?


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Bus accident victims are encouraged to contact a bus crash lawyer in their city to find out if their injuries permit them to recover compensation.

Although bus accidents aren’t as common as those involving passenger vehicles, they do happen and anyone who is a victim of one of these types of collisions needs to know what to do after one has occurred. The first thing you will want to do aside from seeking medical treatment is contact a Toledo, OH bus accident lawyer who can inform you on what your legal rights are as a passenger. The fact is, you may be entitled to recover compensation from the company responsible for overseeing the operations of the bus for the injuries you sustained.

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