How common are bus part failures in Limestone Creek?

Limestone Creek, FL – When a driver is operating a bus on the roads for several hours at a time, there are a number of potential problems that can result in part failures and then cause accidents. Most companies or cities that own and operate buses will have them undergo regular maintenance to avoid these kinds of problems. However, there is no guarantee that a failure will not happen during the driver’s shift and create hazards on the road. 

A person who is injured by the bus can file a lawsuit at a later time if they need compensation for their medical bills and other losses. Any evidence related to improper repairs or maintenance may potentially be used against the driver’s employer as proof of negligence when the lawsuit is brought. An overview of some of the most common bus part failures is available to explain how such accidents happen, and attorneys in this field of practice can provide additional advice. 

Tire failures

All commercial vehicles have a high risk of tire failure due to a number of factors. This is mostly because of potential issues such as large volumes of wear and tear, the weight of the bus and passengers, and debris on the road that can tear the rubber of the tire. When the vehicle is maintained, the tires may not have been inflated to the appropriate amount of air pressure either.  

Issues with lights

Buses are large vehicles that have headlights, brake lights, and various other lights that need to be illuminated at all times for safety purposes. If a light suddenly dies or breaks, the driver may not notice and it is possible that an accident can occur before the part or bulb is replaced. 


Similar to tires, the braking system on a large bus receives a large amount of wear. The driver will apply the brakes many times over the course of a day while making stops and navigating through traffic. A brake failure is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a motor vehicle, as the driver will not be able to stop properly when approaching an obstacle to avoid a crash. 

Accident lawyers in Florida

Smith and Vanture is a firm that handles motor vehicle accident lawsuits in Limestone Creek and nearby parts of Florida. Anyone who wants more information about a civil case for compensation is able to schedule a meeting with their attorneys. 

USAttorneys.com is a web directory of lawyers in every jurisdiction in the country. People who need to find a legal professional in their area can call 800-672-3103 for more information and assistance. 

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