Gulfport, MS Awarded $2.6 Million Grant to Begin Construction of 1,100-Foot Pedestrian and Bus Bridge

The Seattle Times recently reported that the city of Gulfport, MS is expected to receive a grant that will benefit the city in a number of different ways. First and foremost, the $2.6 million grant is going to partially pay for the construction of a pedestrian and bus bridge that will be built over Highway 90 that will likely cost around $9.8 million in total to build.

The bridge is expected to stretch 1,100 feet across U.S. 90 and will connect the Coast Transit Authority’s transit center to Jones Park and the Mississippi Aquarium which is currently under construction. The source stated that the bridge is going to be accessible by both pedestrians as well as buses.


How is this pedestrian and bus bridge expected to help the City of Gulfport?


With Gulfport recognized as Mississippi’s second largest city, this bridge will serve as a “key expansion in the city’s transit infrastructure,” according to U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker. He also stated that the bridge will “attract tourists and businesses to the city” which will likely result in a boost in the economy. U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo shared his input on the project and says the bridge will also “help people access the city’s beaches and downtown.”

The project has been in the making for years and many of the local leaders in the state have expressed the need for the federal resources needed that would allow the city to build this bridge [Source: WXXV 25]. And after years of constant discussion revolving around it, many lawmakers are pleased to finally hear that they have been approved for the grant.

Once it is completed, it will “improve the public transit service” and “provide safe pedestrian access across Highway 90 to Jones Park.” Buses along with pedestrians will be able to gain access to the 1,100-foot bridge from 15thStreet and connect to 21stAvenue in Jones Park. As mentioned, the entire cost of the project is $9.8 million, however, the initial award will cover the first phases of the project which will include the design and engineering.

Although the construction of this bridge is going to take some time, the outcome appears to be rather beneficial to those visiting as well as residing in the city. And the truth is, any improvement that can be made to a city’s transit infrastructure will likely lead to more safety precautions being put into place.

However, with construction expected to last for months in Gulfport, it is important that as a driver and pedestrian that you travel around this area with caution and care. Too many pedestrians across the U.S. have found themselves in the most unfortunate positions as well as those who have been traveling by bus. So, remember to always cross the street carefully and try to avoid doing so at night or during the early morning hours. As for those who choose to travel by bus, never walk in front of a bus unless the driver sees you and remember to steer clear of the buses tires when getting on and off the bus.

If an accident recently occurred, however, that resulted in you or someone you love sustaining an injury in Mississippi, don’t hesitate to contact a Gulfport, MS bus accident lawyer. Should you need help locating an attorney in the city of Gulfport, contact and we will be glad to help you.