Greyhound Bus Crash: The Search for Answers and Legal Support


Greyhound Bus Crash: The Search for Answers and Legal Support

Tragedy Strikes on Interstate 70

Early in the morning on July 13, 2023, tragedy occurred on Interstate 70. A Greyhound bus originating from Indianapolis met with a fatal crash, resulting in the unfortunate deaths of three passengers. The victims were later identified by Illinois State Police as Juan Vasquez-Rodriguez, 34, Buford Paya, 71, and Bradley Donovan, 47. As investigations unfold, victims and their families often seek the expertise of Indianapolis Indiana Bus Accident Attorneys to navigate the intricate legal avenues and ensure justice.

The Unfolding Events of the Crash

The bus was on its way to St. Louis, traveling westward on I-70. Around 3 a.m. Eastern, the bus struck three parked semis on an exit ramp near Highland, Illinois. With 30 passengers onboard, including the driver, the crash left over a dozen injured, requiring immediate medical attention at nearby hospitals. The reasons behind the bus taking the exit ramp are still unclear. However, incidents like these stress the importance of victims seeking professional guidance from Indiana Bus Accident Attorneys.

Ongoing Investigations and Legal Implications

A key focus of the ongoing investigation is the video footage from cameras installed in the bus, which could provide crucial details about the incident. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has highlighted the parked semis’ presence as a significant aspect of the probe. Parking on exit ramps is a practice observed by many truckers due to the limited availability of public rest areas, though it is illegal in many states including Illinois. Legal experts, such as Bus Accident Attorneys, often delve deep into these aspects, ensuring that responsible parties are held accountable.

Heartfelt Accounts and Memories

Witness accounts depict a grim scene. Edwin Brown, a 22-year-old passenger, shared his experience, noting the jarring movement as the bus passed over rumble strips, followed by a severe crash. Following the incident, the driver’s condition was reported as serious.

Personal accounts also provided a glimpse into the lives of the deceased. Paya, fondly known as Buffalo due to his stature, hailed from the Havasupai Tribe inside the Grand Canyon. His frequent adventures and jovial nature were recalled by his niece.


Such unfortunate incidents remind us of the unpredictability of life and the importance of legal guidance during challenging times. Families affected can turn to Indianapolis Indiana Bus Accident Attorneys to ensure they receive the necessary support and representation.