Fort Lauderdale Vision Zero Plan Aims to Improve Road Safety

While traffic accident fatalities continue to be a leading cause of death in Florida, the City of Fort Lauderdale has been making efforts to improve traffic safety for both pedestrians and drivers. The goal of the Vision Zero plan is to minimize traffic accidents and fatalities through what they call a “people-centric” plan. The plan is guided by the following three primary principles:

  • People should participate actively in promoting traffic safety, and there should be a public expectation of safe behavior on all streets in the city.
  • All traffic crashes and deaths are preventable, and can be avoided through safer behavior.
  • No amount of deaths from traffic crashes can be deemed acceptable. The goal is for there to be zero deaths.

By aiming high, the City hopes to push people towards living in the safest possible way. The Zero Vision plan, which is currently in action, has wide-reaching effects that also consider public transportation. Leading bus accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale,  stand behind measures that are implemented to improve public safety. wants to make sure people who use or who work for the public transit system are informed about what the City’s plan means for them.

The encouragement of use of public transportation

Part of what the City is going for is a connected network of transportation corridors that people can consider to be safe. A big part of this is reducing traffic volume. More people are being encouraged to use public transit, and there is also a push for people to start using more non-motorized forms of transit like small-wheeled vehicles or bicycles. Bus drivers should be aware of this and be on the lookout for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Part of the danger should be alleviated by the project of making roadways safer for pedestrians, with more crossing locations and pedestrian bridges, as well as by the development of more bicycle lanes. The bus accident lawyers who Fort Lauderdale has to offer have seen plenty of cases of bicyclists who were hit by buses and how devastating they can be. The focus on people’s awareness of safety risks will hopefully lessen the occurrence of such cases.

Hotspots of safety concern raise alarms

With public transportation becoming more accessible and people being encouraged to use buses more, it is possible that people may need to use the services of a bus injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. The ideal situation is for someone to avoid getting involved in a traffic crash from the get-go. It turns out that those areas where there is a lack of public transit end up becoming hotspots for traffic fatality. These roads become congested with personal vehicles and a surplus of pedestrians.

The problems these areas face are further complicated by a lack of walkways suitable for pedestrians to safely walk. Bus accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale are always telling people that if they are going to go walking around this city, they need to look out for traffic and ask themselves if they are taking the safest possible route. The City is putting a lot of focus on these hotspots, and one of the aspects of their plan is to make public transportation more accessible.

It looks like the measures the City has been putting in place are already bringing down the amount of traffic fatalities. Unfortunately, accidents by car and bus do still happen, and when they do occur, they can be traumatic and lead to costly medical expenses. can help you find  a Bus Accident Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who may be able to help someone who has been in a bus-related crash get much-deserved financial compensation. Our lawyers will work  to get a favorable outcome for their clients.