East Oakland’s Fatal Road: The Urgent Need for Solutions


A Deadly Design on International Boulevard

East Oakland is grappling with a harrowing situation on its most perilous street, International Boulevard. Locals, fearing that the road is “Dangerous by Design”, are demanding swift action following another fatal car crash. Amid the rising accidents, victims and their families often turn to Oakland California Bus Accident Attorneys to help navigate the complex legal landscape.

On June 3, a heartbreaking incident unfolded. Wade lost control of his Dodge Journey minivan and rear-ended a Kia Soul, which had suddenly swerved in front of him. This chain reaction led to the Kia’s driver colliding with parked vehicles, tragically resulting in the death of Joseph Morehouse Sr. This incident highlights the need for victims to consult with California Bus Accident Attorneys, especially when dealing with hit and runs or intoxicated drivers.

Locals Point to Rapid Bus Lanes as the Culprit

Jeanine Grayson, the niece of the deceased Morehouse, pointed to the road’s inherent design flaws as potential contributors to the tragedy. According to her, the inception of the TEMPO rapid bus system by AC Transit two years ago has aggravated the safety issues. This bus system was developed to offer an efficient transit option from San Leandro to downtown Oakland. However, the change meant removing one vehicle lane in both directions, causing some drivers to recklessly speed in the bus lane, putting many lives at risk. Such situations underscore the necessity for victims to reach out to Bus Accident Attorneys for legal guidance.

During a vigil organized by the Traffic Violence Rapid Response team, advocates for safer Oakland roads spoke about the 11 individuals who had tragically lost their lives on these streets in the past year. Kuan Butts, a software engineer, explained that while AC Transit values the TEMPO’s speed, the road’s design, due to socio-economic reasons, makes it perilous.

The Traumatic Ripple Effect of the Crash

The aftermath of this tragic incident extends far beyond the immediate victims. Jose Moris Villalobos, a delivery driver from El Salvador, recounts his traumatic experience of the night of the crash. The violent collision not only killed Morehouse but severely damaged Villalobos’s property, leaving him unable to work and grappling with intense emotional trauma. Such heart-wrenching stories reiterate the necessity for a comprehensive support system, including professional Oakland California Bus Accident Attorneys, who can offer guidance during such challenging times.

These events underline the pressing need for both legal and structural interventions in East Oakland to ensure safety for its residents.