Driver Runs Red Light and Slams into Vegas School Bus

Las Vegas, NV- Traffic crashes injure thousands in Nevada each year. Fortunately, few of those crashes involve school or transit buses, but there was recent school bus crash in Las Vegas that left one adult dead and child in critical condition.

School Bus Crash in Las Vegas

The accident occurred on May 4th when Ford Taurus ran a red light at the intersection Nellis Boulevard and East Carey Avenue and slammed into a Clark County School bus, KOLO News 8 reports. The driver of the bus took evasive maneuvers, steering into a vacant lot. The bus then crashed into a fence and overturned.

Sixteen of the 48 students on the bus were injured, but most students suffered only minor injuries. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that a 10-year-old girl in the car suffered critical injuries. The 70-year-old driver of Ford Taurus was killed.

Police commended the bus driver, telling the Las Vegas Review-Journal that her actions kept the accident from being worse.

Nevada Has an Intersection Crash Problem

Intersections have the potential to be dangerous. The Nevada Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety reports that between 2011 and 2015, 309 fatal crashes occurred at intersections.

Other facts about crashes at intersections, according to the NDPSO:

Men aged 26-35 represented the largest number serious injuries in intersection-related crashes.

Three-quarters of intersection crashes in Nevada occurred in Clark County.

Most intersection-related crashes occur during the day.

Intersections present hazards for motorists, bus drivers, truck drivers, and pedestrians, so everyone must pay attention when they approach any kind of intersection.

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