Driver Charged in Norfolk School Bus Accident

We send our kids to school on buses every day because we trust the buses to get them to school and home safely. Sadly, that trust may have been shattered for some Norfolk parents when several kids were injured after a school bus accident, reports The Virginian Pilot The bus arrived at the intersection of Lincoln Street and East Olney Road, where it had a yield sign. Unfortunately, the driver failed to yield and struck an oncoming SUV. Four of the students on board the bus were taken to Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters with injuries. The driver of the SUV also went to the hospital with pain in his neck, hip, and back. All four injured students were subsequently released with minor injuries. There were 42 kids and 3 adults on the bus overall.


The driver, whose name was not released, has been issued a summons for failing to yield. The school involved, Academy for Discover at Lakewood, has launched its own internal investigation. When the school investigates a staff member their policy is to reassign that employee to another duty. Therefore, says the school, the driver will not be driving while the investigation is ongoing.


This accident was most like no fault of the driver of the SUV. It sounds like the bus driver did something completely unexpected that led to the crash. However, there are ways that you can do your best to keep safe when driving around buses and other large vehicles. Buses are unwieldy and difficult to drive at times, so it’s never a bad idea to be as cautious as possible around them. Here are some tips, courtesy of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


First off, give them space and stay away from blind spots. Buses move slower than cars, but they also stop slower, too. Give them room to stop so you don’t end up rear-ending them. They also take wide turns, so don’t try to zoom past on the inside. Plus, if the driver isn’t visible to you in the side-view mirror, then you probably aren’t visible to him or her. Stay out of those areas and pass through quickly if you need to.


For a lot of these safety tips, it all comes down to patience. There’s no need to rush, and honking, yelling, and making rude gestures will not make a bus move faster. Be patient, allow large vehicles the time they need to maneuver.  


Because of their size and the people they hold, bus accident injuries can be devastating, whether you or your vehicle is struck by one, or if you’re on one. If you or your child is injured, you should seek professional legal advice as soon as possible. An attorney in Norfolk can help you with the claims process, whether that be through insurance companies or through the court. They will investigate your case fully, and do all the talking and negotiating on your behalf. That way, you can relax and know that your case is being handled by an expert.