Douglas County, Georgia, Who can be Held Liable for a Bus Accident?

Bus accidents are common occurrences in Georgia, and statistics reveal that over 15,000 individuals are injured in bus accidents every year. Bus accidents have more severe consequences than regular collisions because of the larger nature of the vehicles, and the more victims involved per collision. Loss of life is also common in these large-scale accidents, and approximately 300 people lose their lives every year due to bus accidents.

Naturally, the medical bills and similar financial consequences that result from such damages will be a lot to handle, and no victim should have to navigate the legalities on their own. The good news is that victims of bus accidents can file a personal injury claim so they are compensated for their losses. However, they can only file a valid claim once they determine who was actually at fault for the bus accident. Personal injury lawyers in Douglas County who specialize in dealing with such cases can help a person with their case, so they fairly determine who was liable, and so they are not taken advantage of in any way.

Unlike a simple accident case, bus accidents will likely have multiple defendants who may have contributed to the accident. There are many different individuals who may be at fault based on why the collision occurred. The bus driver, bus manufacturing company, or even government entities can be held liable based on the exact cause of the collisions.  Some other common parties that can be held to account for a bus accident include the bus maintenance company and the driver of another vehicle who caused the accident.

Busing Companies Must Follow the Highest Level of Care in Douglas County, Georgia

A busing company is considered a common carrier according to the law, and this means that they must follow the highest duty of care to all the passengers inside. Regular drivers of passenger vehicles are expected to follow reasonable care, but bus drivers must ensure they follow the highest level of care. Bus drivers and companies are held to such a high standard because their passengers are trusting them completely, and they don’t have the means themselves to stay safe.

Whether the accident occurred because the bus driver was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or because they were violating traffic rules, attorneys near me can help the victims of the collision file their claims.

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