Does the city of Knoxville have a history of serious bus accidents?

Bus accidents have the potential to cause massive problems. They can be responsible for injuries to multiple people who are passengers on the vehicle, as well as those who are in the streets or riding in other cars in the area.

One of the worst bus accidents in the history of Knoxville happened in 2014. It included multiple vehicles and claimed the lives of three people.

Two school buses hit each other at an intersection 

The crash occurred at the intersections of Asheville Highway and John Sevier Highway on December 2nd, 2014. This area in East Knoxville was closed off as buses from both Chilhowee Intermediate and Sunnyview Primary Schools were involved and collided with each other. One bus experienced significant front end damage while the other bus turned all the way onto its side after the impact.

Two children and one adult riding on the buses were killed as a result of the crash. The young victims were aged 6 and 7 years, while the adult victim was a teacher’s aide stationed on the bus. The aide who died was also a deacon at a local church. Psychiatrists from the school districts came to the area to counsel victims and their families in the aftermath.

What kind of lawsuit will follow a bus accident?

From a legal standpoint, bus accidents are treated the same as most other motor vehicle accidents and personal injury lawsuits. Lawyers can file claims related to negligence and wrongful death to help the victims and their families receive payment. These cases allege that the intentional or careless actions of a bus driver caused injuries or death to people on the bus or riding in other vehicles that were affected by the accident.

There are also some unique issues related to cases such as this because the school districts will likely become defendants, yet they are also government entities who are protected by certain special when they are named in lawsuits. The general rule that is supposed to protect government bodies or agencies such as schools and police departments is called sovereign immunity.

Sovereign immunity in Tennessee

To alter the doctrine of sovereign immunity, the state passed a law called the Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act which gives some exceptions for when the government can be sued. Negligent operation of motor vehicles, problems caused by county or municipal employees, and errors or acts from government construction projects that cause injuries are a few of the main ways local governments can be sued. There may also be damage caps of up to a few hundred thousand dollars that prevent people from collecting large sums of money from the government’s mistakes. While this doctrine is somewhat because it crosses both state law and local government, an experienced accident attorney can provide advice after any kind of motor vehicle accident about the potential value of your claim and any steps that may need to be taken to file a lawsuit.

Contact a local lawyer who specializes in motor vehicle accidents

If you have been hit by a bus in Knoxville Tennessee or any areas nearby, there are lawyers available who specialize in these kinds of situations. They can have a discussion with you about your injuries and any other concerns including the possibility of compensation.