Does distraction from passengers cause bus accidents in Old Jefferson?

Old Jefferson, LA – Driving any kind of large commercial vehicle is always very dangerous, and this is especially true for bus drivers. One of the most common dangers that bus operators have to deal with is distractions. Various kinds of distractions can result in injuries to many people at once if the driver is not careful enough, and the driver’s employer may also be sued to pay for injuries and damage. A private bus company or government entity can be sued in these types of actions, and there are lawyers who regularly help victims of bus crashes in these situations. 

What is distracted driving?

When distracted driving is considered in a broad sense, it is a cause of many motor vehicle accidents. Things like phone use, stereos and other technology in the vehicle, passengers in the vehicle, eating and drinking while driving, and other things that take the driver’s eyes and attention off of the road are all known as forms of distracted driving. Bus drivers are put in a difficult situation where they have to be mindful of their passengers, upcoming stops, and still keep their eyes on the road. It is possible that a passenger will be speaking with the driver and unintentionally cause an incident. 

Actions by passengers

Drivers may at times have to deal with passenger actions that require immediate attention. This can include disruptions, criminal activities, and putting others riding on the bus in danger. Because the driver needs to address these situations, it is possible that the passenger can be considered partially at fault if any accident occurs. Depending on the specific facts of the situation, a passenger may be the one who is considered to have actually caused the collision. 

Distracted driving and negligence

It is possible that anyone who was harmed by a bus driver who was distracted can use this evidence during the course of their injury lawsuit. Drivers receive special training, and they are not supposed to let distractions put them in a dangerous situation. A distraction would be considered a breach of the standard of care expected of any reasonable bus driver, which is why it is so crucial for all drivers to pay attention. 

Bus accident lawyers in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that handles accident cases in Old Jefferson and nearby other parts of Louisiana. People who need advice from a personal injury attorney can contact their firm and schedule a meeting. 

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