Do Common Carrier Laws Apply to Bus Accidents in Boca Raton, Florida?

After a bus accident occurs there are various laws and regulations which mandate how compensation will be given and who the compensation will be given to.  When a bus gets into an accident, common carrier laws are generally applied to decide these matters. A common carrier is basically any transportation service which is offered to the general public and is given for a fee.

Common carrier laws apply to bus accidents as well as taxi accidents, train accidents, cruise ship accidents, and even airplane accidents as well. If any bus crashes and causes harm to the passengers inside then the driver or the owner and manufacturer of the bus can be held liable depending on the details of the specific case.

Who is responsible for governing common carrier laws?

Common carrier laws are generally regulated on a Federal level and they differ depending on one’s state and local area which they are residing in. Common carriers such as buses have a lot more responsibility than normal vehicles as they have a duty to safely transport many individuals from one area to another because they are taking fees for offering their services.

Naturally, when anyone steps onto a bus they expect the bus to be well made and properly maintained because so many lives are at risk if the bus is not taken care of properly. Every bus driver has to follow the highest level of care and precaution to make sure that everyone in their vehicle remains as safe as possible throughout the ride. If they are negligent and the bus ends up getting into an accident then they are responsible for the personal injury or wrongful death that may occur due to their actions.

When should I call a bus accident lawyer?

If anyone has gotten hurt during a bus accident they should make sure to get in touch with a bus accident lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida as soon as possible. Bus accident cases generally have very special rules. As mentioned above, bus accident law follows common carrier laws and anyone who drives a bus needs to be extra vigilant and careful. If the driver has neglected their duties and if they have failed to follow these extra precautionary rules they can be held accountable for their actions in court.

A driver can fail to follow their duties by:

  • Not maintaining the bus properly
  • Not having a proper license
  • Not exercising proper traffic rules
  • Driving when they are intoxicated
  • Driving on less sleep
  • Driving recklessly

It is important to remember that many common carriers-buses included- work for government agencies. Since this is the case, it is very important that a person ensures they file their complaint at the right time or else they may pass the deadline. This time limit is called a Statute of Limitations and if a person wants to ensure that their lawsuit is actually valid and that it actually goes through, without being canceled due to the Statute of Limitations, then they have to get in touch with a bus accident lawyer as soon as possible so they can take care of all of the extra paperwork and documentation in a timely manner.