Distracted Woman Rear-Ends School Bus in Georgia

Atlanta, GA- Distracted driving is a growing concern on the roads and highways running through Georgia. Fortunately, distracted driving in the Peach State has been steadily declining since 2010, but it’s still a common cause of traffic crashes and bus accidents.

Distracted Driver Rear-Ends School Bus

Police say that 20-year-old woman was distracted when rear-ended a school bus in Bainbridge. According to WTXL News, the accident happened on October 11, 2017, in the afternoon.

WTXL News says a bus from the Georgia Industries for the Blind had stopped for railroad tracks when a young woman rear-ended it. She was distracted by her phone and didn’t notice the bus had stopped.

There were no students on the bus when the crash occurred, and the driver was not injured.

The at-fault motorist was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is expected to recover.

Distracted Bus Drivers

Driving a school bus can be challenging because the driver must manage dozens of children and pay attention to the road. Sadly, too many bus drivers are not given the training necessary to handle disciplinary problems and drive at the same time. In a survey conducted by United Educators, bus drivers in Missouri said that disciplining students is an area where they could use additional training.

Activities that cause bus drivers to be distracted include:

Using a cell phone

Eating or drinking

Adjusting the stereo or music player


Distracted Motorists and Georgia’s Distracted Driving Laws

Deadly crashes involving distracted drivers declined nationwide in 2016, but it’s always going to be an issue for motorists. There are so many things for drivers to be distracted by and so few resist the temptation to check a text message or read a Facebook status.

Georgia Vehicle Code Section 40-6-241 Revised prohibits a motorist from using any a hand-held device behind the wheel to text. Hand-held devices include cell phones, personal assistants, music players and personal computers. Most motorists can talk on the phone while driving but all other use is prohibited, but there are a couple of exceptions. Bus drivers and drivers under the age of 18 are not allowed to use a hand-held device in any way.

Georgia’s distracted driving laws are considered primary enforcement offenses which means an officer can pull you over and ticket you for texting and driving. You don’t have to break any other traffic laws to be stopped.

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