Deadly Bus Accident in Queens During Rush Hour in New York City

Queens, NY – This past Monday morning three people were killed in a bus accident between a MTA bus and a private tour bus in Queens, New York.

The New York Post reports that three people were left dead, including the bus driver, and 16 additional people injured in a bus accident that involved a private tour bus and a MTA bus in Queens, New York.

The MTA bus was turning onto Northern Blvd. from Main Street when the private tour bus hit it, which was heading eastbound on Northern Blvd. at the time. Local authorities say this caused the MTA bus to flip around, and the private bus to crash into a Kennedy Pizza & Chicken. This caused a good amount of damage to the building while simultaneously prompting a small fire to break out. During the whole scene, the MTA bus was smashed against the building.

The driver of the tour bus and a MTA bus passenger passed away at local hospitals, while a pedestrian who happened to be walking by at the time of the accident died at the scene after becoming pinned under one of the buses.

Regarding the other passengers who had been injured, Major Bill de Blasio said that five were in critical condition and “fighting for their life right now.” The MTA bus driver, who a decade of experience working for the public bus system, was listed in stable condition and only had non-life-threatening injuries.

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Everyone who was injured in the bus accident in Queens was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital and to the New York Hospital Queens. One of the injured is Kang San, age 56, who had stopped to get coffee and was waiting in his Toyota on Northern Blvd. when his car was hit in the bus accident.

According to San’s wife, Yung Lim, age 62, had the Queens bus accident happened just two minutes earlier it could have been much worse since he had been walking before. Lim added that when she got to the scene, there was “a lot of people lying on the floor. A lot of people were in pain.”

One local resident, Yong Suk MIller, age 66, heard the crash from inside her apartment on the seventh floor on Northern Blvd. Miller initially said that she felt the building shake a little, explaining it as “I hear crunching and shaking.” After a little while, Miller says “I thought it was truck. Then I hear a lot of ambulances and fire trucks. This is bad.”

A passer-by, Jay Rivera, age 52, was coming home from work when he saw the bus accident in Queens. He says “I’ve never seen an accident of this magnitude.”

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