Dangerous Intersection in St. Louis, MO Has Many Residents Concerned

St. Louis, MO bus accident attorneys highlight which intersection it is and why you need to exercise caution when driving through it.


There is always that one intersection or street in a city that is known to be riskier than all others and for residents of St. Louis, that intersection is located between Kingshighway Boulevard and Arsenal Street. While many recognize this intersection as one that is dangerous and unsafe, it tends to attract a lot of attention as it sits right next to a school and a bus stop.

One MetroLink bus rider stated that “it is a very dangerous intersection” and even said she attempted to cross the street once before and will never do it again. Now, she walks out of her way to catch her bus. A resident who lives nearby also provided his input on the intersection as well and said that “it’s a tricky intersection.” He said that it is “one way on Arsenal and there are no left turns.” “People just turn left anyway” which tends to cause several accidents occurring. Robert Shelli, who is the resident who spoke with Fox 2 Now, said that he’s seen many accidents occur on a corner of the intersection and there are “too many close calls.”

The fact is, the intersection at Kingshighway Boulevard and Arsenal Street in St. Louis has proven to be a risk to bus riders, pedestrians, and motorists. Just last month, a 22-year-old was killed in a crash and a 24-year-old was left suffering from life-threatening injuries because of an accident that transpired at the intersection. With accidents being fatal and the intersection becoming more and more riskier, neighbors of the area are wondering what can be done to help improve the safety of it.  Shelli said that “during rush hour, a lot of people are trying to make left-hand turns against traffic and people get impatient and make bad decisions.” He said that even if the city were to install another stop sign, it would only make the intersection more congested because so many individuals travel through it and that the city might be “stuck logistically.”

So, until something is done to help improve the safety of this intersection is St. Louis, drivers of all kinds along with those who travel by foot are encouraged to exercise more caution when traveling through this particular area.


When you know a specific street, highway, or intersection is prone to having accidents occur there, it is a good idea to:


  • Either take an alternate route to avoid the area altogether.
  • Drive carefully through it. Avoid speeding, swerving in and out of lanes, or riding too closely to another vehicle.
  • Be especially attentive when traveling on the street or the highway or when driving through the intersection.
  • Always adhere to the right of way rules.


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