Commuter Bus Accident In East Los Angeles, California: 14 Injured

One wrong turn, a reckless driver, and the wrong time are all you need for an accident that can damage you. Not only such crashes crush the vehicles involved, but also potentially kill people. In some lucky cases, the death toll is zero, but property loss is significant. As such, a legal proceeding involving bus accident lawyers is the next conceivable step. 


Drunk driver causes bus crash


On August 19, 2020, around 10:45 AM, a commuter metro bus collided with a yellow Volkswagen Beetle near the intersection of Whittier Boulevard and Downey Road. The crash resulted in 14 injured people, 3 of whom were in critical condition, and 11 with minor injuries. The fire officials on the scene saw the wrecked car smash between the traffic pole and the bus. Investigators arrested the Volkswagen driver, a 17-year-old, for driving under the influence, possibly causing the crash. 


In crashes like these which cause property damage and injure many, calling for bus accident attorneys’ assistance to guide through the legal proceedings is necessary.


Why do you need a lawyer after a bus accident?


What follows accidents like the bus crash in East Los Angeles, California, is a long battle in the court regarding appropriate compensation. The people who were injured during the wreck were compensated for the medical expenses. Sometimes people involved in the wreck are seldom in the mental state to efficiently deal with the legal proceedings. For such individuals, their only chance of getting the compensation they deserve is through a bus accident lawyer

How can accident lawyers help?


One of the first things accident attorneys do is inform you of your options after a crash. You can either go for compensation via the court or contact the other party’s insurer. With the second option, too, lawyers can help by negotiating with the insurance company regarding payment. They will do so by contacting your care providers to know your injuries’ exact nature and estimate the total damages. After this, they will negotiate a value with the other party’s insurer. Alternatively, a bus accident attorney can help you navigate through a lawsuit.


Finding the best accident lawyer for you


Claims after accidents can be a complicated process with the legal intricacies and loopholes involved in the proceedings. However, with the right bus accident lawyer, you can get the compensation you deserve without any complication. USAttorneys.com is a portal where you can find some of the best lawyers in California and the rest of the United States at just one click. 


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