Cleveland Bus Accident Attorneys Discuss How One School District in Ohio Plans to Make Their School Buses Safer

The Avon Lake City School District recently announced that it would be the first school district in the state of Ohio to commit to a pilot program where “at least one new replacement bus will be equipped with lap-shoulder safety belts.” According to, Rudy Breglia, who is a school bus seatbelt activist, met with Superintendent Robert Scott at the beginning of 2017 where they discussed the pilot program.

Although the school district will not be buying any new buses until spring 2019, the board is expected to vote to at least purchase one bus, possibly even more. Breglia said that it would “depend on how the trial goes” and that they would be looking at safety and behavior. While you might expect that the pilot program is geared toward making buses safer for children in the event a school bus crash was to occur, the fact is, seatbelts carry many other benefits with them.


Aside from keeping children restrained and protected, seatbelts can also help:

  • Improving child behavior because they are stationary.
  • Diminish bullying
  • Develop a more orderly atmosphere on the bus that will help maintain driver retention.


Buses without school belts place school districts in danger of having to pay out enormous litigation rewards.

The fact is, we want out children safe when traveling on a bus and by all means, they should be. But, in the event an accident does occur, a child who sustains an injury is entitled to unlimited compensatory damages, and that applies to every student that was involved in the crash, according to Breglia. He also said that schools aren’t just putting students’ lives at risk by allowing them to ride on buses without seatbelts, but it also puts the school district in a compromising situation in the event an accident occurs, and children become injured.

Although seatbelts don’t always prevent a person from sustaining an injury in a bus accident, they definitely help reduce the chances of the injury being serious or even fatal. And the less severe the injury, the less the district would likely have to pay for that child to receive the necessary medical attention required to help mend their injury.


Was your child injured in a bus accident?


Although most bus drivers are attentive and cautious when operating a bus, they still tend to find themselves involved in an accident because of another careless driver. So, if your child recently sustained an injury in a bus collision in Cleveland and you would like to learn more about the compensatory damages that they may be entitled to collect, call now. We work closely with some of the best bus accident lawyers in Cleveland who will not only be able to inform as to what types of damages your child might be eligible for but also how much along with the process you must go through to receive this.