Chicago bus is struck on its side by a speeding car and several people are hospitalized

Bus accidents are devastating because a large group of people may all be injured at once. If this happens, there will be significant costs tied to treatment for all of the victims, and the company that owns and operates the bus will be liable for all of these losses.  

A Chicago transportation authority bus was involved in an accident that required several people to be hospitalized

Public bus is struck by driver who ran a red light

The incident began when a driver hit the side of the bus in the loop area at a high rate of speed at around 4 am. This initial impact sent the large bus into a bank storefront. 

Police believe the driver responsible ran through a red light at Clark Street southbound’s intersection with Washington Street. The 29 year old male driver hit the bus as it was going eastbound. The windows of the BMO Harris Bank were shattered where the bus made contact with the front of the building. One female who was the bus driver along with two other passengers had to be taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. All of the victims were in fair condition. The driver of the car also had to be taken to the same hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. 

At the time of the news report, the police had not issued any traffic citations or filed any criminal charges against the driver. A full investigation was still pending. 

The duty of care for bus drivers

A bus is generally held to a higher legal standard than other drivers due to the fact that the vehicle is responsible for the safe transport of a large number of people at once. This means that passengers who are injured while under the care of the bus company may have grounds for a lawsuit. A negligence case against the bus driver and their employer will allege that a violation of this duty of care led to injuries. The other elements of the negligence lawsuit include causation and damages. 

These damages are calculated by adding up all of the losses that the accident victims may have sustained through things like medical bills, hospitalization, and lost wages. Victims can also receive non-economic damages related to emotional pain and suffering and mental health issues caused by the accident. The exact value of all of these losses can be difficult to determine, so it is important to get legal advice before trying to figure out the value of your lawsuit or a settlement agreement. 

Speak with an accident attorney in Chicago

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