Cedar Rapids victims may be affected by a collision with a commercial driver

Cedar Rapids, IA – A number of different kinds of vehicles transport people and goods across Iowa’s highways. However, these vehicles can become very dangerous if they are not operated carefully and an accident occurs. Anyone who was injured in this type of situation should speak with a local lawyer, who can explain the state laws and other rules that will apply to a lawsuit against a commercial driver and the company that owns the bus or truck. 

Bus accidents

Bus accidents are a type of motor vehicle collision that often results in a number of different problems due to several people being transported. This is a bad scenario for all of the passengers in the vehicle, as well as other cars on the road that are likely to be affected due to the size of a large bus meant to transport a lot of passengers at once. 

Commercial trucks

These kinds of vehicles often end up on highways carrying hazardous chemicals or other cargo that should be properly secured. The high speeds of highways also increase the possibility of serious accidents and fatalities, as there is less of a chance to slow the vehicle down or take evasive maneuvers. The parent company has to purchase special insurance to cover these potential losses of property and life. 

Higher standards for commercial drivers

Any time a large commercial vehicle such as a bus or semi truck causes a collision, there are special concerns. These drivers are more highly regulated than drivers of standard vehicles, and they often need to go through special licensing requirements and are subjected to limitations regarding the number of hours that they can drive in a given day. If a driver violated any of these rules, or was caught operating their vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this evidence can be used against the parent company in a civil lawsuit. 

In any civil negligence lawsuit, the relevant standard of care is always important. Because drivers with special licenses are subject to more strict requirements, there is also a higher standard of care when transporting passengers or handling sensitive cargo. In some cases, this may make it easier for victims to prevail compared to if they were struck by a regular driver. Any traffic violations or other problems that indicate the driver was not following relevant guidelines for commercial vehicles will also be utilized by the plaintiff to show a breach of this duty of care. 

Finding out if lawsuits or other action is necessary

Anyone who has been hurt in a motor vehicle crash has the right to speak with a lawyer and explore their legal options. Eells and Tronvold Law Offices are available to talk to victims in the Cedar Rapids area. 

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