Can Bus Accident Victims File a Lawsuit for Damages Arising Out of the Accident?

Bus accidents have claimed the lives of thousands of individuals and it is time victims understand their rights in the matter.


The answer is yes, and we see this in a case that developed from a tragic accident that occurred back in March. According to CNN, a Texas-based charter bus was carrying 49 senior citizen passengers when it got stuck attempting to cross train tracks in Biloxi, MS. A CSX train that happened to be in route struck the immobile bus, leaving four people dead and several others injured. 41 of the passengers were taken to nearby hospitals and one person had to be airlifted from the scene of the incident.

After months had passed, lawsuits were filed in September by passengers who were onboard. The city of Biloxi also sent a 60-day letter alerting CSX and others of potential litigations that were set to be taken. The passengers involved in the accident were seeking damages for the physical and emotional injuries they sustained in the crash, according to WLOX. Two passengers who were involved in the bus accident filed a $1 million lawsuit because of the continued suffering they will have to endure because of gross negligence on part of Echo Tours and Charters, CSX Transportation, and the owner of Echo, TBL Group.

If you aren’t familiar with the term damages, they refer to things like medical bills, pain, suffering, emotional anguish, etc. that an accident victim is forced to suffer from after being involved in a tragic incident. A victim is usually entitled to collect compensation for these things if negligence is found to be a contributing factor of the accident occurring.


What types of damages can be awarded to victims of a bus accident?


This question and many others often cloud the minds of bus accident victims, leaving them confused and unsure as to what they are entitled to collect in terms of damages and how they can go about filing a lawsuit. While this couple identified three parties who were accountable for compensating them for their damages, your accident will differ. There may be one party or three, but it is best to discuss this with a qualified Biloxi, MS bus accident attorney first before making any assumptions.

The truth it, knowing what your injuries entitle you to collect and even what to consider filing suit for isn’t something the average individual knows.  The litigation process is a confusing one with paperwork that must be filed and deadlines that must be met. Therefore, if you or a loved one was injured in the midst of a bus collision, it is best you contact Being connected with the right bus crash lawyer in Biloxi can make or break your case, and you need someone who is willing to dedicate their time and have patience as you go through the lawsuit process.

As you can see from this case, some lawsuits aren’t filed until months after an accident has occurred and it can take even longer before a settlement is reached. Therefore, it is advisable that you consult with a legal representative who can inform you on what your rights are and begin working on your case immediately.