Can a public transportation bus be sued in Woodville?

Woodville, FL – It is possible for drivers and pedestrians who were injured by a bus to take action to try to get compensation. Various transportation companies and government entities are involved in operating the local buses. Most of the buses in Palm Beach County are operated by Palm Tran, the Tri-Rail system, and Brightline, but other private sector companies may operate charter buses or have other transportation operations. When the case is brought against a public sector bus, the plaintiff should get assistance from an experienced accident lawyer who has successfully sued the government in the past. 

Does it matter who is being sued?

There are some differences in auto accident lawsuits depending on whether the government, an individual driver, or a driver’s employer needs to be named as a defendant in the lawsuit. Especially when the government is named as a defendant in a case against a bus driver, there are special rules that need to be followed for these cases to proceed successfully. 

Lawsuits against government drivers in Florida

There used to be a rule called sovereign immunity in Florida and other states that would block any lawsuit against the government. This is important because the driver’s employer will be liable for the accident unless the driver intentionally caused harm. Requirements for cases against the government in Florida include giving the agency or government division responsible for the bus notice of the upcoming lawsuit within three years of when the crash took place. The government then has six months to conduct an investigation before the lawsuit will be allowed to proceed. If the case does move forward, there are also limits on attorney fees if the plaintiff wins the case. The plaintiff will still need to prove some kind of negligence by the government or the driver, such as ignoring a known hazard or breaking a traffic law while driving.

Limitations on payouts to victims

As a general rule, a plaintiff who wins a case against the government will be capped at $200,000 per incident if one entity is involved, or $300,000 if multiple government agencies are responsible. While these seem like large amounts, the limitation can pose problems if the person has life changing injuries.  

Additional information about bus accident lawsuits in Florida is available

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