Can a Passenger Sue Me After a Bus Accident in Miami, Florida?

When passengers ride on a bus they automatically entrust the bus driver with their safety and well-being. The fact that majority of public buses do not have seat belts and other standard safety measures, places a lot more responsibility on the driver to make sure that he or she is driving as safely as possible. Just like truck accidents, bus accidents are also generally a lot more complicated than regular car accidents because of their size and because of the multiple parties who could be involved in the lawsuit which will inevitably follow the crash.

Bus drivers can be sued by passengers if they happen to get hurt in the accident. Passengers are allowed to file personal injury claims through their lawyer, and the more intense their injury was, the more likely they will be granted compensation by the court.

If a bus driver got into an accident and they are facing lawsuits from their passengers they should reach out to a bus accident lawyer in Miami, Florida. A bus accident lawyer can help a driver sort out liabilities and help them pinpoint external factors which may have contributed to the crash. The last thing any driver wants to do is take the entirety of the heat of every lawsuit coming their way, especially when the accident may not have even occurred because of their own negligence.

How much can a passenger claim after an accident?

Bus drivers are required to carry a lot more insurance than regular vehicle drivers because of the larger amount of passengers which they carry onboard. Since bus drivers are required to carry more insurance their passengers are also generally allowed to claim more as well if they get injured in an accident. However, the amount that each passenger claims may be limited as per the bus driver’s insurance policy.

If a passenger is trying to make a claim for a serious injury they should do so through the help of a trained legal representative who will be able to analyze the insurance policies and request for compensation in an appropriate manner. If the case is presented properly in court a person who has been injured will most likely be able to claim damages for their lost wages, medical bills, and even also claim compensation for the pain and suffering they were subjected to.

If a passenger wants to increase their chances of receiving financial compensation for their losses, they should make sure to write the entire incident down while it is still fresh in their memories. Most individuals have a tendency to forget details or to even make up facts when they go through something as traumatic as a serious bus crash.

Another important tip is for passengers to ensure they move forward with treatment and actually act on the medical advice given to them by doctors. If a person fails to act on the medical advice they are given by medical practitioners the bus driver and other parties can claim that a person was merely faking their injuries and that they are not hurt enough to be demanding financial assistance.