Can a bus driver who has prior accidents work in Yuma?

Yuma, AZ – Bus drivers and those who operate other commercial vehicles have a serious responsibility. They can cause many passengers and others on the road to get hurt if they make even minor mistakes. For these reasons, a person’s past and driving record can be very important when they are looking to a bus driver job with a government or private sector entity. Public buses in Yuma County are operated by the Yuma County Area Transit system or YCAT. Individuals who have been injured during a bus crash always have the ability to speak with a lawyer and see if they want to file an accident lawsuit.

Employer discretion

Employers need to be careful about who they hire as bus drivers. Every company or government that hires commercial drivers will look into the person’s background to see if they have a poor driving record. Things like prior car accidents, traffic tickets, and driver’s license suspensions may cause the employer to be reluctant to hire the person. This is also a serious issue for companies that hire drivers, as they will most likely need to pay for the damage caused by the driver through their insurance if there is ever an accident. 

Driver’s license suspensions

If a driver loses their CDL or standard driver’s license, they are not allowed to drive until the license is reinstated and they will not be hired. Those who have gotten multiple traffic tickets for breaking various laws while driving will eventually lose their license. More serious traffic offenses like driving after using drugs or alcohol can result in an immediate license suspension as part of a criminal sentence. Other criminal traffic violations can include leaving the scene of an accident without contacting the police or vehicular manslaughter if someone was killed during an accident caused by the bus driver. 

Suing bus drivers and their employer

Because of the ability of victims to sue drivers, the bus operator and their employer can face liability for things like medical bills from the victims, property damage, and lost wages while the victims recover. Employers also need to be mindful of being liable for negligent hiring if they employed a bus driver who had a suspended license or a poor driving record because of accidents or traffic violations. 

Arizona injury lawyers

Schneider and Onofry is a law practice that works with accident victims in Yuma and nearby parts of Arizona. Their lawyers can meet with people who were harmed in accidents and need legal advice. 

USAttorneys.com is a directory that helps people with their search for a lawyer anywhere in the country. People who need additional assistance can call 800-672-3103 for help. 

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