Buses Held to Strict Legal Regulations in Burlington County, New Jersey

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates bus safety measures and holds all bus drivers strictly liable if they breach the laws. Since buses are commercial vehicles that carry multiple people- both adults and children- at the same time, drivers must do everything in their power to follow traffic rules and avoid getting into a collision. An accident involving a bus can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage and all the victims will require compensation for the harm they suffered.

Anyone involved in a bus collision should contact a qualified attorney to see what their legal options are and to start on the road to receiving reimbursement to help them pay for the damages they suffered. Buses are designated as common carriers through the Federal government, and they are expected to follow the long list of rules mandated by the government. Passengers are entitled to be transported by a driver who follows all traffic protocols and who is properly qualified and trained for their position.

It is also the passenger’s right that they ride in a vehicle that is properly maintained and does not have any design flaws. If a bus driver acts negligently and breaks any of these rules by driving recklessly or by failing to have their bus maintained properly, this can lead to an accident resulting in injuries and other damages for everyone riding in the vehicle. If a person was a victim of a bus accident, they will need to file a legal bus accident claim to receive any form of settlement that can help them cover their damages.

Unfortunately, it is not a straightforward process to simply file a bus accident claim, because of how complicated it can be to establish negligence and to figure out who is liable for the collision. For instance, buses may be owned by the city or they may be owned by a private bus company. Based on ownership, the correct parties need to be contacted and a thorough investigation conducted to properly establish who was at fault.

Connecting with a bus accident attorney in Burlington County, New Jersey


Whether the bus is owned privately, or by a school or city, all bus drivers and owners are required to follow the correct legal protocol regarding safety and vehicle maintenance. To receive compensation for one’s losses, a person should connect with a bus accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. Establishing negligence is essential before a person receives compensation, and an attorney can help them collect the evidence they need to prove they suffered due to the fault of the bus driver or bus owner.

Unfortunately, the loss of life and permanent disabilities are relatively common after bus accidents and a person should connect with a qualified lawyer to help them with the legal process of receiving reimbursement for their damages.

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