Bus Driver Slams into Home in Amityville, NY After Suffering from a Medical Emergency

A family in North Amityville was awoken just before 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning after a bus crashed through the side of their home, stopping just a few feet away from a mother and her four-year-old son. The bus driver, who had been transporting five elementary students to a BOCES school in Dix Hills, suffered a medical emergency just before she collided into the home. ABC 7 reported that the accident occurred on Country Line Road near Ritter Avenue.

CBS New York also reported on the bus crash saying that the Collado family had been in the process of getting up and starting their day when the side of their home caved in. Gabriella Collado told the source, “I woke up shaking and crying.” She said that she was in a panic but was able to quickly grab her son. Collado said glass went flying and the walls of her home collapsed right before her eyes. Her brother, who was present in the home at the time of the horrific accident, compared the scene to that of a movie set.


Was anyone seriously injured in the Amityville bus crash?


Gabriella Collado, her four-year-old son, her brother and her mother were all inside of the residence when the school bus came crashing through the wall. Collado said that her mom may have sustained minor injuries as she complained that her head and back hurt. Collado also stated that her mother already had issues with her back so as a precaution, she was taken to the hospital so that she could be checked out. No one else in the home was injured, although it was a close call.

As for the bus driver, she was said to be unconscious at the time of the crash and was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital and placed in the intensive care unit. ABC 7 said she may have yelled something out just before the accident, however, no further details were reported regarding this. She was reunited with her family at the hospital and was listed in stable condition. Thankfully, no students on board suffered any injuries nor did the male aid that has been on board. But, because of the severity of the accident, they were all taken to the hospital to be checked out for bumps and bruises.


The Family’s Home May Have to be Torn Down from the Damage the Bus Collision Caused


The family stated that after speaking with the fire marshal, they were informed that their home was unstable and may have to be torn down. Aside from the damage done to the home, two vehicles that were parked outside of the dwelling were pushed into the home which resulted in each sustaining damage. Although the tragic accident may cause the family to be displaced until repairs or arrangements can be made, their “thoughts were with the victims on the bus.”

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