Bus Driver Cited for Illinois Crash That Injured Three

Chicago, IL-Most traffic accidents, whether they involve a car, bus or large truck, are the result of driver error. Those errors can run the gamut from speeding to impaired driving to ignoring traffic signals or signs. Another common driver error is the failure to yield the right of way, and it may be the cause of a recent Illinois crash that injured three people.

Illinois Bus Driver at Fault for Bus Crash That Injured Three

An Illinois bus driver is accused of failing to yield to oncoming traffic and causing an accident that injured themselves and two others. The crash happened October 19, 2017, at a stop sign in the rural town of Orion around 7:30 p.m., according to KWQC TV 6.

Police say that a bus driver failed didn’t stop for a stop sign and was hit by an oncoming vehicle. The bus was hit near the rear of the bus which was carrying six students and the bus driver.

Two students and the bus driver were injured and transported to a local hospital for treatment, but their injuries were not life-threatening.

Hire a Bus Accident Attorney in Chicago

It is easier to determine liability for auto accidents than bus accidents. Because bus accidents involve multiple victims, recovering compensation can be more difficult. In many cases, buses are owned by local and state governments, so you must go through particular steps to get a government agency to consider your claim.

The Illinois Court of Claims Act

Individuals injured by a government employee can seek compensation for their economic damages if their injury is a result of an employee’s negligence. You may be eligible for injury compensation if you are hurt in car accident, by medical negligence or have a premises liability claim. But you can’t recover compensation if you don’t follow the right procedures.

The Illinois Court of Claims Act requires you to file a notice of claim with Attorney General’s office and the Clerk of the Court of Claims within one year of the date your injury occurred. Or, you can file a lawsuit with Court of Claims within one year of your accident.

If you need to file a complaint in Chicago, you must file your claim at the following location:

James R. Thompson Bldg.

100 W. Randolph., Ste. 10-400

Chicago, IL 60601


USAttorneys.com recommends you contact a bus accident lawyer in Chicago, Illinois as soon after your crash as possible. They can help with your claim against a government agency or a private bus company. Our legal teams in Illinois are well-versed in each process and will take whatever steps are necessary to get you maximum compensation. Call today and arrange a case evaluation, so you can learn what steps come next and how you can avoid doing anything to damage your claim.