Bus Driver Arrested for DUI and Endangering the Lives of the 20 Students He was Transporting


If you have children who ride a school bus, it is likely you feel a sense of uneasiness each and every time they step aboard with a stranger who is responsible for transporting them to and from school safely. The roadways are consumed with careless and reckless motorists and it isn’t always the most comforting feeling knowing your child is traveling on those roadways in a school bus being operated by an individual you know nothing about. And perhaps this story that was released just a day ago confirms why you experience the uneasiness that you do.

According to the New York Post, 54-year-old Angel Colon was in the process of transporting 20 students when he was involved in a road rage incident. Authorities who investigated the accident reported that the driver was drunk and he showed clear signs of being intoxicated when officers responded to the scene of the accident. Colon was working for a company that transports students who attend a private school but is now likely out of a job because of the recent mishap he involved himself and the children in.

While this particular accident occurred in New Jersey, not too far from New York, it serves as a reminder of just how dangerous our roadways are, no matter where you are in the U.S. Although no injuries were reported and details regarding the road rage accident weren’t disclosed, Colon is facing charges of drunken driving and child endangerment. It would be in his best interest to hire a criminal defense or DUI attorney to represent him throughout the duration of his case seeing that not only was he operating a vehicle drunk, but he was carrying 20 students inside it.

While the students aboard this bus were lucky to walk away, it is important to acknowledge that many other bus accidents don’t end on such “good terms.”


Why do bus accidents occur and what can victims do when involved in such an accident?


There are many reasons, and people, who play a role in causing a bus collision to arise. Drunk driving is one way bus crashes transpire as we see in the story mentioned above, and there are plenty more highlighted below.


  1. Poorly trained bus drivers are put behind the wheel of the bus.
  2. Fatigued bus drivers who don’t get enough sleep because they are working extended shifts contribute to accidents occurring.
  3. Distracted motorists who aren’t paying attention to the roadway.
  4. Careless pedestrians.
  5. Inclement weather.


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