Bus Crashes Injure Many People in New York City

In New York City bus drivers often work long hours on busy city roads to finish their routes and transport customers. These extended periods on the road mean that it is also more common for dangerous incidents to happen, such as buses to hitting pedestrians, other cars, or causing property damage. Multiple passengers and bystanders are usually hurt during these incidents, especially considering how dense New York is with traffic and people on the streets at all hours of the day and night. Even though buses are a regular part of the city’s public transportation, they are also dangerous and injure many people each year.

A recent bus crash in Brooklyn left at least ten people injured while transporting passengers to school. The incident happened during Monday morning rush hour traffic in the Ditmas Park area of Flatbush on Farragut Road. It was unclear whether all of the injuries were sustained by passengers on the bus or if any pedestrians were involved. Fortunately, the local representatives from the New York Fire Department on the scene said most of the injuries appeared to be minor and not life threatening. The cause of the accident was undetermined at the time.

Incidents such as this demonstrate how the population density of New York contributes to mass amounts of injures when a bus crashes. In some cases these injuries become severe or deadly.

How much can I collect after a Bus Accident?

The monetary value of an accident correlates to the severity of injuries in most cases. Bus accidents and automobile accidents in general are treated as negligence cases, which is an area of tort law. A negligence action basically shows that the defendant, a bus driver and their employer in this case, failed to exercise their appropriate standard of care during operations which caused injury to others. In these civil cases, if the defendant is found to be liable, they will have to pay damages that can cover lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, along with possible future losses based on inability to work or function normally in cases where the damages are significant such as in cases of brain damage and paralysis. If the driver was engaged in criminal activity such as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving, it can be possible to collect punitive damages. These damages tend to be larger amounts meant to punish defendants for reckless behavior in negligence cases. Deadly accidents can also provide large damage awards to surviving family members in wrongful death lawsuits. If an accident causes multiple injuries or shows outlandish behavior by the driver, many times the transportation company that is responsible will want to settle out of court to avoid negative publicity and additional legal fees.

Each state also has different laws and regulations to be considered. Insurance coverage for both victims and defendants can vary in each state. Money given in damages in negligence cases can be affected by doctrines such comparative or contributory negligence which reduce damage amounts based on factoring each party’s level of fault. In conclusion, there is no simple formula to determine the value of a bus accident, but victims who are badly hurt will usually be able to collect more money.

Contact a Local New York Lawyer for Help

There are a number of lawyers in New York who specialize in bus and automobile accidents. They are ready to evaluate your case and provide advice as to how they can help you and what kind of money you can expect to receive. They can also use their experience to make sure a bus driver and their employer give you the most money allowed by law. New York also has specific rules and procedures regarding lawsuits for automobile accidents, so it is important to speak to someone with expertise within the state.