Bus Crash at Forest Hills: A Detailed Look


MBTA Bus Crashes Through Cemetery Fence

In a shocking turn of events, six individuals were injured in a crash involving a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority bus. This unfortunate incident resulted in the bus breaking through an iron fence and ending up within the Forest Hills Cemetery. Such incidents highlight the unpredictable nature of road accidents and underscore the necessity of consulting Boston Massachusetts Bus Accident Attorneys who can provide guidance and support to the victims.

Unraveling the Chain of Events

MBTA Transit Police Supt. Richard Sullivan detailed the incident, stating that the crash occurred close to the intersection of Forest Hills Avenue and Morton Street, around 5:35 p.m. on Wednesday. The sequence of events was initiated by a car making an abrupt turn, cutting directly into the bus’s path. To avoid a head-on collision, the bus driver swerved onto Morton Street. Passengers on the bus experienced the terrifying ordeal firsthand. Savannah Lewis, a passenger, recounted the harrowing experience, emphasizing the sheer fear of the bus potentially flipping over. Individuals caught in such traumatic events often seek advice from Massachusetts Bus Accident Attorneys to understand their rights and possible compensation.

Post-Crash Scenarios and Damage

Aerial footage from the crash site vividly depicted the extent of the damage. The Route 31 bus showcased a cracked windshield on both the driver’s and passenger’s sides, ending up several hundred feet beyond the accident spot. In the aftermath, the cemetery’s fence bore a gaping hole due to the impact. The car involved also suffered heavy front-end damage, stopping at the intersection. While immediate medical evaluations suggested minor injuries for the individuals involved, the psychological impact and potential legal implications could be far-reaching. Thus, it’s always recommended for victims to consult with Bus Accident Attorneys to navigate through the aftermath.

With the investigation still underway, many await more details to emerge regarding the cause and circumstances surrounding this dramatic accident. Whether it’s seeking justice or understanding the legal intricacies, Boston Massachusetts Bus Accident Attorneys are ready to provide assistance and clarity.