Bus Collision in California Sends at Least 22 Individuals to the Hospital


Earlier this month, a major bus accident occurred on U.S. Highway 101 in San Francisco leaving 29 individuals suffering from injuries. Four of those individuals suffered serious injuries, nine reportedly had moderate injuries, and 16 suffered minor injuries. According to ABC 7 News, the charter bus began wavering on the highway before it hit the center median. It then was thrown back across the four-lane highway, crashing on the right side of the roadway.

Luckily for the victims, many were able to get out through broken windows while others went out through the escape hatches. Two of the passengers, however, had to be extracted by firefighters. Thankfully, no lives were lost as bus accidents are known to be fatal.

The charter bus that was involved in the accident belonged to a family who operates their own business and has been for nearly 20 years. The company is called Charter Brothers and it provides services for those who might need a charter bus for corporate events, schools, weddings, and field trips. After the incident transpired, it was reported that alcohol was not a contributing factor, however, mechanical experts were called out to the scene to determine why it occurred.


Who can be held accountable for a bus accident?


When an accident occurs involving a bus, there are a few different parties that can be held accountable for the incident. But, before blame can be placed on someone or even a company, an investigation must be conducted to help pinpoint the reason for the crash.

In the event you were recently involved in a bus accident in the Sacramento, CA area and are trying to determine which parties you can hold liable, consider the following:


  • The bus driver. In some cases, the bus driver may have been negligent or careless in how they drive which caused the collision to occur. In other instances, the bus driver may have been over-worked and tired which led to them falling asleep at the wheel. If either two are the case, then the bus driver may be partially blamed for causing the bus incident.


  • The manufacturing company. Some vehicles are made with defects and sometimes it takes an accident to identify that this defect exists. In order for this to be determined a mechanical expert will likely need to be called out to determine if something went wrong with the bus or one or more of its components.


  • The company in which the bus belongs to. Companies that oversee bus operations are generally required to send their buses for maintenance checks. Sometimes, tires go bad or become worn and in the event the company or a worker was aware of this but didn’t take immediate action to repair it, the company can be held liable.


  • Another motorist. If the bus accident you were involved in was caused by a reckless driver who was sharing the roadway with you, whether they were drunk or distracted, then you may be able to pursue them for compensation for your injuries.


It is important that when trying to determine who is responsible for your accident and how much your injuries entitle you to collect that you have a trustworthy Sacramento, CA bus accident lawyer assisting you.  USAttoneys.com can help you locate a nearby bus crash attorney now in the event you have yet to enlist the help of a legal representative.