Bus Accident Lawyers in Louisville, KY Highlight Details on Three Separate Bus Collisions All Involving Jefferson County Public School Buses

A Jefferson County Public School bus crashed in Louisville, KY on Monday, April 23rd, sending eight out of the 27 students who were on board to a nearby hospital. WDRB.com reported that the accident happened around 7:30 a.m. at Poplar Level and Shepherdsville Roads and the bus was carrying students from Southern High School. EMS arrived on scene to check the status of the students and determined that eight of those students suffered minor injuries which prompted them to be transported to an area hospital.


Bus Driver Clips Side Mirror of Car Resulting in Two Students Being Transported to Local Hospital in Louisville


A few weeks prior to this accident, another Jefferson County Public Schools bus had been involved in a crash. The accident was reported around 2:50 p.m. and it involved bus #1741. The bus had been traveling from Atherton High School on Bardstown Road at Eastern Parkway when it clipped a side-mirror on a vehicle, according to WAVE 3 News. A JCPS spokesperson reported that two of those students on board had suffered minor injuries and were transported to the hospital just as a precaution. JCPS transportation officials along with the Louisville Metro Police Department were investigating the accident to determine why it occurred.


18 Students Sent to the Hospital After JCPS Bus Collides into Another Vehicle


As if two accidents weren’t enough, we went back just a few more weeks to the beginning of March and found that WLKYreported that at least 18 students riding on a JCPS bus suffered minor injuries after their bus collided with a Ford sedan. Bus #1240 had 41 students on board and was transporting the children to Fairdale and Coral Ridge Elementary. Unfortunately, the trip to school was cut short when the bus crashed around 8:30 a.m. at the intersection of Blue Lick Road and White Oak Park Road in Louisville.

The 18 students who were said to have suffered minor injuries were taken to Norton Children’s Hospital where they were checked out. The director at the hospital said they were all walking and expected that all would go home at some point. Two adults who had been traveling in the other vehicle were also injured as a result of the bus accident and their injuries were described as “minor to moderate.”


What to do when your child is involved in a school bus wreck in Louisville, KY?


The first thing you want to do is seek immediate medical attention. Your child’s health and wellbeing are what is most important after they have been involved in an auto accident. However, there is another step you might want to consider taking that can help you recover compensation for the medical bills you may have incurred along with the pain and suffering your child endured. You may be able to file a claim with the school district and/or even the bus driver depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. To be sure that you have a legitimate claim on your hands, it is best that you consult with a Louisville, Kentucky bus accident lawyer first before taking any sort of action. They will be able to advise you as to what you should do and even provide you with legal representation if you feel you need it.

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