Bus Accident Attorneys in NY Discuss Some Reasons Why UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Decided to Attack Bus Carrying Fighters


When Conor McGregor arrived in New York for UFC 223 fight week, he had other plans in mind aside from watching the fights that were scheduled to occur. McGregor and his team of approximately of 20 guys decided they would storm into the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. It appeared as though they may have been looking for someone as they all rushed into an elevator. McGregor and his team of “thugs” as UFC President Dana White refers to the men were then caught on video rushing a bus that was transporting fighters who were en route to the host hotel.

McGregor was seen throwing a heavy object into one of the windows of the bus and shattering it. Other men were also throwing things like garbage cans and other metal objects that resulted in the windows breaking. According to MMA Junkie, some of the fighters on the bus were shaken up and Michael Chiesa was said to have sustained an injury. He had a laceration on his forehead and was cut up from the shattered glass.


Why prompted McGregor to attack the bus in NY?


MMA Junkie stated that McGregor was allegedly looking for Khabib Nurmagomedov. Apparently, Khabib had a gotten into an altercation with Artem Lobov, who just so happens to be a longtime friend of McGregor’s and the two were SBG Ireland teammates.  Artem and Khabib nearly had it out in a New York hotel and witnesses stated that they were cursing at each other in Russian. Aside from McGregor’s close friend nearly going at it with Khabib, there were posts floating around social media indicating that McGregor and Khabib also have some issues of their own. And to make matters worse for 29-year-old McGregor, he “is expected to be stripped of the lightweight title on the eve of UFC 223.”

Perhaps McGregor was hoping to confront Khabib when he deiced to rush the buses and attack them.


UFC President Dana White Speaks Out on the Matter


After learning about what had happened, White spoke out saying that “this was the most disgusting thing that has ever happened in the history of the company.” When asked about his relationship with McGregor, he also said that it “was not so good” and that others who were fans of the UFC fighter may have mixed feelings about him as well. White continued on to say how disgusted he was with McGregor’s actions and that he had yet to discuss the matter with him personally.

White did confirm that police were out looking for McGregor after being notified of the crime he had committed. Whether he will have a future with UFC, that is not yet known, however, because he did break several laws, it is likely he is going to be faced with criminal charges and some personal injury lawsuits. Those who were on the bus at the time McGregor attacked it could very well hire a NY bus accident attorney and pursue damages for the injuries he and his team caused them to suffer from.

You can expect more details to emerge from this developing story that will reveal what will happen to McGregor and the potential consequences he is likely to be faced with.