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How to Prevent School Bus Accidents

Most parents would agree that choosing the type of transport that will ensure your child arrives securely at school is a decision made with great consideration. With many families relying on both parents working, the luxury of being able to drive a child to and from school is simply just that, a luxury in today’s […]


Can a Passenger Sue Me After a Bus Accident in Miami, Florida?

When passengers ride on a bus they automatically entrust the bus driver with their safety and well-being. The fact that majority of public buses do not have seat belts and other standard safety measures, places a lot more responsibility on the driver to make sure that he or she is driving as safely as possible. […]

What happens after a school bus hits multiple cars in Boca Raton?

Buses are more likely to be involved in accidents due to their larger size and the additional skills and training required to operate these vehicles. Bus operators are also exposed to more risk than many other drivers due to long hours of constantly being on the road and making stops. This leaves a much smaller […]


Who may be negligent for a bus accident in Denver Colorado?

Risk increased. A bus is a large and heavy motor vehicle that can carry more than 10 passengers including the driver.  Compared to that of a single motor vehicle accident, these factors support increased injuries demanding larger monetary damages to cover legal claims. The personal injuries sustained in bus accidents are often more severe and […]