Are there limits on the number of hours that bus drivers can work in Prairieville?

Prairieville, LA – Safety is an important concern for commercial vehicle drivers, including bus drivers. There is a much greater risk of an accident and large amounts of damage if a bus driver makes a mistake. The company or government that operates the bus also needs to be careful to avoid accidents and follow regulations, as they can face large amounts of financial liability through negligence cases if a driver is found to be at fault for a collision. Those who were harmed in a bus crash who have concerns about paying for their medical treatment or other costs can contact an attorney for advice that addresses their personal situation. 

Commercial vehicle regulations

It is important for commercial drivers to understand that their occupation is much more heavily regulated than operating a standard motor vehicle. Drivers who want to receive a CDL to operate these vehicles legally will be tested on these regulations before their commercial license is issued. These rules can include things like size and weight limits on the vehicle, inspection and maintenance requirements, and restrictions on driver behavior such as mandatory break times and limitations on total hours in a day or week. 

Driving hours

Generally speaking, a bus driver can operate their vehicle for up to ten hours if they have had an eight hour break before starting their shift. The bus driver is also prohibited from driving more than seventy hours within an eight day period. Breaks can also be required throughout the day to ensure that the driver does not lose focus. The significance of these regulations is that fatigued driving has been shown to be extremely dangerous, and it is much more likely that a driver who is not rested will be slow to react and avoid obstacles, which can result in a collision. 

When there is evidence of negligence or ignoring regulations

Violations of these rules for commercial vehicles can result in fines and other consequences. It is also possible that an accident victim will use evidence of excessive driving hours as proof of negligence during a civil lawsuit and settlement negotiations. If the company hired a driver who did not have the proper credentials or training, this can result in liability as well. 

Lawsuits against negligent bus drivers

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