Anchorage Faces Hefty Fine Over People Mover Silica Exposure

Anchorage recently came under the spotlight when the municipality was fined nearly $80,000 over silica dust exposure from city buses. According to a report from Alaska’s News Source on June 22, 2023, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) levied the fine after it found Anchorage Municipality in violation of their regulations [1].

The city failed to protect its employees from exposure to respirable crystalline silica. The violation stemmed from workers in the Anchorage Public Transportation Department being exposed to the hazardous dust while performing routine maintenance and repair work on the municipality’s bus fleet. It’s important to note that the prolonged inhalation of silica dust can lead to serious health complications like silicosis, lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases.

Understanding the Consequences of the Incident

The penalties incurred in this case underline the magnitude of Anchorage’s oversight. Despite clear guidelines provided by OSHA on workplace safety, especially around hazardous substances like silica dust, these protocols were disregarded. This breach in safety measures not only exposes the city to substantial fines, but it also potentially puts at risk the health and well-being of numerous employees.

Employees affected by this incident may face long-term health issues, expensive medical bills, and loss of earnings due to inability to work. It also raises significant questions about workers’ rights, occupational safety, and the responsibility of the employer in ensuring a safe workspace.

How Alaska Bus Accident Attorneys Can Help

In such complex situations, seeking legal advice becomes paramount. The Anchorage bus accident attorneys at have a proven track record of handling similar cases, leveraging their deep knowledge of transportation and workplace safety laws.

  1. Filing Claims: The attorneys can guide affected employees through the process of filing workers’ compensation claims or personal injury lawsuits, depending on the circumstances. This ensures that the workers are adequately compensated for medical expenses and lost wages due to the exposure.
  2. Negotiating Settlements: Their expertise in negotiation can be invaluable in reaching settlements with insurance companies or the municipality itself, which might otherwise take advantage of the complex legal jargon and processes to offer a lesser amount.
  3. Ensuring Compliance: Additionally, they can push for future compliance with occupational safety regulations, thus creating safer work conditions for employees and preventing similar incidents in the future.

In Conclusion: Your Rights Matter

The Anchorage silica dust exposure case is a poignant reminder of the importance of occupational safety and the responsibility of employers towards their workers. As an employee, your health and safety should never be compromised.

The Alaska bus accident attorneys at stand ready to fight for the rights of workers and ensure they receive the compensation they deserve. Whether you are a bus driver, a mechanic, or a member of the administrative staff, remember that your rights matter and you are not alone in this fight. If you are affected by this unfortunate incident, or a similar one, don’t hesitate to reach out to these attorneys for help and guidance.