Amarillo man is killed while riding a bus on a local highway

When a bus crashes, it is possible that dozens of people can experience serious injuries and be left with costly medical bills. 

A man from Amarillo, Texas died during a Greyhound bus crash in Baylor County.

Several injuries and one death after a pickup truck collides with a bus containing many passengers

A sergeant with the Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that a 40 year old male died on the scene of an accident between a Greyhound passenger bus and a pickup truck. The incident happened between the intersections of U.S. Highways 227 and 183 on a Tuesday afternoon at about 1:55 pm. 

The bus contained 29 passengers, some of whom had been picked up in Lubbock at the last stop before the accident, and others were from nearby in Baylor County. Several passengers were seriously injured from the impact, in addition to the one man who died

The initial investigation by local law enforcement found that the bus was going eastbound on Highway 277 between Seymour and Wichita Falls. The driver of the pickup truck was coming across the area on Highway 183 while going southbound when the crash happened. The bus was on its side in the grass near the highway after the collision when law enforcement arrived. 

The victims had to be airlifted to local hospitals to be treated for severe injuries. The driver of the pickup truck was taken to Seymour for treatment, but his injuries did not appear to be serious. Some truck drivers in the area who witnessed the accident assisted law enforcement with directing traffic away from the collision safely. 

The Department of Public Safety confirmed that they will conduct a full investigation to gather more information regarding the cause of the accident and related issues. 

The liability of a bus company and personal injury law

When a bus company or any other commercial carrier is responsible for transporting multiple people safely, they are held to a higher standard of care than regular drivers. This is a general principle of tort law. A personal injury lawyer can argue that the driver breached their duty of care while on the roads and caused injuries to passengers onboard, who were supposed to arrive safely at their destination. 

If a jury agrees with this argument, or there is a settlement, the company that owns the bus will have to pay a sum of damages that compensates the plaintiff for all of their losses. This can include medical treatment, missed time from work, and other problems caused by the collision. 

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