Alaska Bus Accident Involving A School Bus

Any accident involving children tugs a string on our heart, but an accident where an entire school bus crashes put everyone in a state of hysteria. Even after stringent regulations, there are a large number of bus accident-related deaths. The number of deaths by bus has only been on the increased slope. Unlike cars and motorcycles, passengers do not control the bus. An error by the driver could result in many buses and vehicle crashes on the road. Employing a bus accident attorney could help the victims.


Alaska highway wreck


On Thursday morning, February 6th, 2020, a school bus was involved in an accident on the Alaska Highway. It was a three-vehicle accident involving a tanker truck and a pickup truck near mile 69. The school and the RCMP officials informed us that the bus belonged to Christian Life School, there were no injuries or fatalities. The principal Garry Jones personally thanked the first responders and god for the students and the driver’s safety and protection.


Buses have many passengers and are an essential means of transportation for everyone. In cases like the Alaska highway case, the bus driver was not guilty of the accident, but it could be the fault of the pickup truck or the tanker truck. There are many cases where, due to the negligence of other drivers, an accident occurs. In such times you ought to hire a bus accident lawyer to obtain fair redressal.


Bus accident attorney


Highways are no strangers to such incidents and have seen many crashes occur where caution was not enough. In 2018, according to the national safety council, there were 117 school bus-related deaths. Over the last two years, there has only been a steady incline. There are additional requirements like background checks and a lengthy procedure to get a license to become a bus driver. Bus drivers still get in accidents. In these grim scenarios hiring bus accident attorneys is imperative.


Catastrophic bus crashes have led to the loss of life of many people. Relatives end up bearing the rough end of the stick and devastating trauma. What acts as salt to this wound is the expenses involved during this entire scenario. Hiring a school bus accident attorney that is diligent and meticulous can help ease your financial burden.


Final word


USAattorneys.com, with their team of excellent accident attorneys, helps hold your hand throughout the entire legal process and ensure the suffering ends right after the collision. If you are a victim or a relative of the victim of such an unfortunate incident, you can hire a bus accident attorney to know your legal rights and get the best result.

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