After Fight Breaks Out on SEPTA Bus One Passenger is Stabbed in the Face with a Screwdriver

There are many risks we encounter when riding a public transit bus as we are placing our lives in the hands of another who is behind the wheel of the bus. Some bus drivers have been recognized as being negligent, causing accidents with both motorists and pedestrians, while others have been involved in collisions due to another driver. While crashes and collisions are what usually make headline news in regard to bus accidents, a recent incident erupted that left one man severely injured and another who police are still looking for.

According to Metro USA, a fight broke out on a Route 23 SEPTA bus during rush hour. Two men were seen arguing when one of the men took out a screwdriver and stabbed the other man in the face. The victim was 19-years-old and his injuries were said to have been non-life-threatening. He was transported to Einstein Hospital where he received four stitches to the lip. One of his wounds was characterized as a “slashing one” and the other “non-penetrative.” It wasn’t clear whether the victim knew the male he got into an altercation which made it difficult for officials to determine the motive behind the attack.

While being stabbed in the face with a screwdriver was a pretty serious incident, things could have escalated even farther had the two men distracted the bus driver and caused him/her to engage in an accident. It is already hard enough for a bus driver to disregard the noise made by passengers as they operate their bus, but having a fight break out only makes their job more strenuous. This, in turn, could contribute to an accident occurring. Aside from crashing the bus, the driver could have hit another car or even struck a pedestrian because of the disruption going on.


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