Accident victims who were being transported can file a civil lawsuit in Florida

West Palm Beach, FL – Some collisions can involve vehicles that are designed to transport others. This is becoming more of a likelihood as Americans utilize ride sharing services heavily for their transportation needs. There are also public forms of transportation such as buses that do occasionally collide with other vehicles while transporting passengers. Regardless of the cause of the accident or the situation, a victim of one of these kinds of accidents can attempt to get help through the legal process and a civil lawsuit.  

Accidents that harm multiple passengers

Bus services, ride sharing businesses, and other companies that are involved in transporting people can be legally responsible for a traffic accident and made to pay victims. These accidents can possibly cause many people to be injured all at once. The result of large scale accidents is that the entity that provided transportation can be responsible for millions of dollars in damages. There is special fleet insurance carried by many transporters that is designed for this possibility.   

The procedures that follow various collisions

In the case of a bus accident, the municipality or county that operates the bus can be sued for negligence related to the driver’s actions or negligent hiring.

When a ride sharing company is involved in an accident, there is a slightly different process to get help. Each company may have its own varied procedures, so it is important to document as much information as possible and report it to them first. The business also extends different types of insurance coverage to its drivers, which can be contingent on the number of passengers in the vehicle and other factors. There may also be multiple types of coverage and providers in the claim process for a ride sharing service. However, they do have some kind of coverage that is meant to protect those involved in the accident, and an attorney can assist with sorting these issues out. 

Situations when civil lawsuits are necessary

Insurance is not always sufficient for accident victims. A basic insurance claim will usually cover a few thousand dollars worth of property damage or liability, but not much else. Ride sharing companies usually have larger policies that can cover a greater amount of losses due to their higher risk of accidents. 

Anyone who has been seriously injured and missed time from work may want to contact a personal injury attorney to review their losses and the possibility of winning a civil case against the driver and their employer. 

Finding out if a civil case is necessary after an accident

People who have been involved in any type of vehicular collision can schedule a meeting to speak with a lawyer in their city. Smith and Vanture is a local firm in the West Palm Beach area that focuses on automobile collisions and personal injury lawsuits. 

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